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Well-pressed stories?

The Mangle in Practice: Science, Society, and Becoming. Edited by Andrew Pickering and Keith Guzik. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2008. Pp. xiv+306. $84.95/$23.95.

“While the appliance was originally used to wring water from wet laundry, today mangles are used to press or flatten sheets, tablecloths,…” (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangle, n.d.) 1,199 more words


Who is in Control of Markets: Humans or Financial Models?

by Ekaterina Svetlova*

The recent stock market correction raised again the question of who is in control of markets: humans or technology. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman said on CNBC that „humans are definitely in charge of the decisions in the market” and that “the algorithms are written basically on the back of a human decision.” At the same time, CNBC quoted influential banking analyst Dick Bove who claimed that “the United States equity markets has been captured by out-of-control technological investment systems”. 1,067 more words



I will forever question the need for performativity.

Have you ever stepped outside the house, smelt the air and thought the world is beautiful, conscious of the fact your mind is unseeing the dog shit on the doorstep, the way we unsee the embarrassing moment someone trips up on the underground or the stray hairs gathering on the toilet seat. 497 more words

Mario’s Masculinity: A Present Look at an 80's Video Game Character

As a kid in the 80s, I remember the first time I heard Mario and his signature jump. Like a middle school crush finally saying hi to you in the hallway, I was immediately drawn in and mesmerized with wonder.   1,608 more words


Have you ever made a username for a game? Was it your birth name? Was it a movie character? Was it a joke? Maybe it was some song lyrics? 974 more words

The Generative Interplay Between Learning and Playing in Managing and Organizing

What drew the three of us together to write this article was our shared interest in the generative interplay between learning and playing. We each approach this topic differently – Barbara takes a dynamic practice approach, Rory is interested in understanding creative action , and Alia comes from the perspective of researching non-conventional work practices – but we were sure that our differences could be productively co-informing.

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Digital Profiles and Personal Brands - the Fun and the Fear

Earlier this year, I met a potential client who I knew through a mutual contact. Over coffee and after the usual niceties, we got down to business, beginning with him stating ‘I looked you up on LinkedIn and I still don’t know what you do’. 1,334 more words