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Appearance is Imperative

In our society, we like to focus on the superficial. We focus on material possessions and aesthetic qualities rather than morals and values. As discussed in class, the film, Beauty, and the Beast, displays an underlying standard all too familiar in our society, appearance is imperative. 130 more words

Ryper Ripps vs. Responsive Performativity

Ryder Ripps is an internet artist who I’ve been aware of, and interested in to varying degrees, for maybe four years. His work is consistently visually striking, and I generally appreciate his willingness to engage openly and seriously on things like “meme culture” and the changing nature of intellectual property. 1,495 more words

Week 8: Performativity, materiality, situated knowledge

  1. Disability, Universal Design, and the Digital Humanities, George H. Williams

Reading this article was really mind-opening for me in its laying out what universal design is, and in making me realize how easy it is to take for granted as ‘normal’ our own approaches to technologies which are actually never something ‘natural’. 386 more words

Week 8

School leadership and resisting performativity

Performativity is a technology, a culture and a mode of regulation that employs judgements, comparisons and displays as means of incentive, control, attrition and change based on rewards and sanctions (both material and symbolic).

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Portland notes 3

Intermedia, gestures, spectrality, terrain vague

Gesture and performativity in relation to intermedia – the gesture of photography (Flusser)

Terrain vague – Stalker. an inbetween zone. a kind of ghost story. 43 more words


Care of the self, resistance and subjectivity under neoliberal governmentalities - A Summary

In this recent article – Care of the self, resistance and subjectivity under neoliberal subjectivities Stephen Ball (2012)  effectively argues that teachers who resist the multiple demands of professionalism and just struggle to be themselves are resisting the dominant discourses of neoliberalism. 1,225 more words


Performative doesn't mean performed

‘Performative’ is not just a fancy way of saying ‘performed’.

This seems to be a very common misunderstanding that I keep seeing all over the place, which is unfortunate because the confusion ends up missing pretty much everything that is important and powerful about the idea of gender performativity. 1,084 more words