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Coming soon, podcast #5: You're Welcome! Why Burlesque NEEDS Rubyyy Jones.

Award winner, burlesque performer and producer, and self-proclaimed ‘professional loudmouth’ Rubyyy Jones was kind enough to chat with me recently, about her star persona, her performance motivations and the politics of burlesque. 950 more words


How to Use a Bobby Pin

You guys! I know this is kind of off the subject but I’m blown away by this. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT THIS WAS POSSIBLE! 204 more words


06/23/17, 1:10pm

Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga — these women have *won*. They are so crazy, so odd, that no one can sexualize them but themselves. “What are you wearing?” is always the female celebrity trap, and so Lady Gaga wears meat dresses and bubble dresses and makes the whole thing so insanely performative that there is no hope of making thing pseudonatural. 246 more words

06/23/17, noonish

I despise performativity for the sake of it: performing a persona in order to be perceived a way, for social capital. But performance for the sake of purpose — that, I feel in this moment of my great arc of thought, is important for me, to feel whole.

Reflections on Judith Butler's Philosophy

Judith Butler is a controversial philosopher making deep intrusions into feminist, gender and queer studies. Reading her I became submerged in sea of incoherence. Here in this essay I would like to provide facets of her theory which I have understood and wanting to interpret. 855 more words


Reflective Response to Diana Taylor’s Performance

As I’ve already detailed elsewhere on this blog, I’ve not currently got much time available to dedicate to research. In spite of this, I do have a work schedule to uphold as I have a monograph, on performance and politics in contemporary Spanish cinema, under contract (if interested, you can read the proposal… 1,207 more words


Bodily Knowledge and Performativity

This essay was written in 2012 for the paper Media, Subjectivity and Identity (MDIA 407).

Pierre Bourdieu states, “We learn bodily. The social order inscribes itself in bodies through this permanent confrontation…with the environment” (Bourdieu 141). 2,141 more words

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