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Daisy on performativity

First Daisy slides across the floor. Then she performs a back summersault and leaps through a hoop of fire. Well, perhaps she doesn’t quite manage that – but she might as well have done. 93 more words

Daisy On Life And Literature

Public Relations & Performative Self

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) specialists are hired to build and maintain a positive relationship between the client and the public, whether the client is a person, a group, or an organization. 790 more words

Public Relations

Performativity, Trump, and The Hunger Games

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It is in my opinion that art has become increasingly more global with the sharp rise of social media outlets. I once excitedly started a conversation with someone about how the line between art and kitsch was blurred in our day and age (which started yet another rambling round about the shifting definitions of art and kitsch – which I do appreciate – and how the new types of kitsch popping up should actually be called “global trash,” but that is neither here nor there). 889 more words

Marx on the performativity of economics

“These laws, which A. Smith, Say, and Ricardo, have developed, these laws grow more true, more exact, then cease to be mere abstractions, in the same measure in which Free Trade is carried out…Thus it can justly be said, that the economists – Ricardo and others- know more about society as it will be, than about society as it is. 36 more words

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Troubles with 'Gender Trouble' (Butler 1990)


Feminists have accepted the terms set by existing political arrangements in exchange for political representation for women, says Butler (1990). Even if they have succeeded, they have been unable to secure women representation without pervasive misrepresentation. 988 more words


Your week 7 prompt!

This is Judith Butler:

You might not be shocked to learn that she has won a number of prizes for “bad” writing!

But those prizes don’t really take into account that she’s a philosopher as well as a public cultural thinker; she writes, well, like a philosopher. 90 more words

Weekly Prompts

Communication and the Performance of Identity

Bee Bond and Peter Matthews from the University of Leeds are going to reflect their pre-sessional programme: Language through Communication and Society and its impact on the student agency and identity. 420 more words