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Selected reference

Ball, S.J. (2000). Performativities and fabrications in the education economy: Towards the performative society? Australian educational researcher, 27(2), pp. 1-23.


Performativity as a principle of governance

Selected reference

Yeatman, A. (2007). Postmodernity and revisioning the political. In Lingard, B. & Ozga, J. (Eds.). The RoutledgeFalmer reader in educational policy and politics. New York: Routledge, pp. 11-22.


Baring it All

OK let’s review:

  1. As of today in the USA, it is currently viewed as an illegal act to expose oneself from the waist up in public in 35 states -
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Who says you have to be skinny to feel pretty?

You know, I’ve always had an interest in how women are portrayed in the media, and how it has affected society as a whole. So far in history, the media has done a horrible job at protecting women and helping them rise above. 477 more words

Katarina Rankovic - London

Briefly describe the work you do. 

I imitate the spirit of the things that interest me, by drawing or performing. Drawn to luscious organic structures, from cellular membranes to galactic clusters, I create manneristic ink drawings where each line is the trace of an attempt to wriggle into the bustling character of these things, like a skin. 1,184 more words