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Nothing In Itself Blackout (1)

not a fashionable man
put off by fashion in ideas
attracted to fashion in clothes
style of behavior best to avoid
even when attracted
keep a quite deliberate distance… 211 more words

My Poetry

Richard Prince

Richard Prince

The work of Richard Prince and his acts of re-appropriation of images was very influential, especially the way in which he highlighted the absurdity of the mass media and digital, impossible reality mind-set, such as with his works… 128 more words

(Virtual) Life is a Stage: Female Performances on Social Media

(contributor’s note: this post is an abridged version of a paper I wrote for a graduate-level rhetoric course. featured image from pixabay)

I self-objectify. 2,049 more words

Towards Effective Resistance: Governmental vs. Deliberative Ethics

Resistance and Power

Perhaps the most prominent question surrounding accounts of changes to universities in “neoliberal times” has been an ethical one: whence resistance? In her study of “younger” UK academic staff (under age 35), Louise Archer ( 2,166 more words

Higher Education

New article on online learning ecologies with Susan Carter

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E-learning is not just a learning and teaching innovation; it also signals a shift in human cognition and communication. The lexicon of e-learning borrows from the barren lexicon of information science: of users, usage and usability, or of information-seeking and affordances.

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Intro. to Cliterary Theory (aka Trivial Purrsuits)

Every “fact”on this site is a “little known fact” but the nuns have never, not for one second, been into games of trivial pursuit. Their trivialization is social and mythical: the nuns have had nothing to do with it, historically. 920 more words