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Close to the body + Performativity Matters, 2014

The projects Close To The Body (ESDI) and Performativity Matters (Mediaestruch) joined forces to investigate how the body affects the materials and how these materials influence the body at the same time. 73 more words

Interaction Design

The Wearable Fashion Orchestra, 2014

The Wearable Fashion Orchestra explores the possibilities of a wearable as a new way to perform a concert or a contemporary dance choreography. It is a live show that merges fashion and technology to establish an intimate interaction between the wearable/instrument and the dancer/performer, a textile orchestra that creates a musical composition through a contemporary dance choreography. 23 more words

Interaction Design

Not even jumping aboard

Tony Fort has commented on the “Get off my Bus” post and his response is posted below:

The article reports that:

Our findings support Goodson’s (2014) conclusion that the state is purposively re-fashioning teachers’ identities through the reform agenda such that experienced teachers who have vocationally, ethically and professionally based identities are purged from the workforce systematically in favour of predominantly younger practitioners who perceive teaching as just a job, and are ideologically more inclined to accept the increasingly dominant discourses of audit, performativity and standards. 232 more words

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Feminism in the time of BuzzFeed

Good Afternoon Rioters!

Today, I thought I’d switch up my bi-monthly routine of sexist song-lyric analyses and instead call attention to a couple videos that I feel should be paid attention to. 797 more words


Fissures, gaps, splits formed by the reworked card stencils from the performance development plan documents lend form to my experiences of neo-liberal ideology that pervades education. 452 more words



The small gaps in between – these spaces originated from my performance development plan documents which acted as a structure with which to reflect on my teaching and to plan for further creative strategies to improve my pedagogic practice. 293 more words

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While coding and interpreting the data from my field notes and performance development documents, themes are emerging that point to structures, systems, grids and boundaries – intact and broken. 391 more words