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Top 6 RuPaul Songs

1. Sissy that Walk

Season 6’s Final 4 song, Sissy That Walk, is commonly recognized as one of the best RuPaul songs. With its catchy beat and intoxicating synths, this song makes you body dance almost as if it has a mind of its own. 354 more words

Executive Coaching, Managerialism, and Coaching as a Profession

In a recent blog post on ADHD coaching, I noted that it is a no-barriers-to-entry kind of occupation. Anyone can hang a shingle as “coach” and there are countless consulting businesses offering executive coaching, ADHD coaching, organizational coaching, and even grief coaching for the bereaved. 1,259 more words


Asexual Performativity and the Asexual Spectrum

This is an essay I wrote for a research paper I did which I thought I’d put up here.

Introduction – The Emergence of ‘Asexual Orientation’ 5,531 more words

Queer Theory

Daisy on performativity

First Daisy slides across the floor. Then she performs a back summersault and leaps through a hoop of fire. Well, perhaps she doesn’t quite manage that – but she might as well have done. 93 more words

Daisy On Life And Literature

Public Relations & Performative Self

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) specialists are hired to build and maintain a positive relationship between the client and the public, whether the client is a person, a group, or an organization. 790 more words

Public Relations

Performativity, Trump, and The Hunger Games

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It is in my opinion that art has become increasingly more global with the sharp rise of social media outlets. I once excitedly started a conversation with someone about how the line between art and kitsch was blurred in our day and age (which started yet another rambling round about the shifting definitions of art and kitsch – which I do appreciate – and how the new types of kitsch popping up should actually be called “global trash,” but that is neither here nor there). 889 more words

Marx on the performativity of economics

“These laws, which A. Smith, Say, and Ricardo, have developed, these laws grow more true, more exact, then cease to be mere abstractions, in the same measure in which Free Trade is carried out…Thus it can justly be said, that the economists – Ricardo and others- know more about society as it will be, than about society as it is. 36 more words

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