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Butler and bodies in alliance

I’ve been inspired by Judith Butler‘s work in all sorts of ways – most recently by her discussions of performance, performativity and bodies in spaces that helped me make sense of the events that unfolded in Tahrir Square (see… 324 more words




‘Pre-Bard // post-Shard’ is a live installation-performance that presents the urban history of London from the Roman era to today. The project was conceived as the means for researching and understanding the notion of the performativity of the urban space; … 506 more words


The loucheness of the conservative novelist: Angela Thirkell writes about camp

Here’s an extract from my next book, due out in July. This bit is about how Angela Thirkell, that most proper and dictatorial enforcer of correct social behaviour in her novels from the 1930s to the 1950s, let herself go when chortling with the girls about sex.  588 more words

Sentinel Edges

I have been finding the intentional acts of destroying the forms intrinsically negative acts. This is counter to my research purposes. The focus of my research is to find some equilibrium in order to sustain my identity as an artist teacher rather than wallowing in ‘what it feels like’ to be at the whim of the problematics that pose a threat to progressive education. 286 more words

MA Artist Teacher Scheme

Judith Butler Explained with Cats

Following hot on the heels of Foucault Explained with Hipsters, here’s JB’s Gender Trouble  explained in Socratic dialogue style. With cats.

All page references from Butler, J. 38 more words


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Image Credit: Public Domain, via Creative Commons.

Close to the body + Performativity Matters, 2014.

The projects Close To The Body (ESDI) and Performativity Matters (Mediaestruch) joined forces to investigate how the body affects the materials and how these materials influence the body at the same time. 72 more words


The Tokyo Underground: The Commuter Rapid (experiment 2)

Footage sequence: 25 seconds (approx.) Experiment 2 consists of three sets of footage. The commuters in various actions, as follows: Walking up/down platform steps, descending/ascending escalators and walking through tickets gates. 243 more words

The Tokyo Underground