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"Sexual Deviant" by Manuel Melo

The homosexual is restrained by power to remain in an obscure, repressed, and hidden state until he is allowed to confess1 his sexuality. Different institutions, as well as a subject’s family and friends demand his confession; this confession of the subject’s sexuality is what brings this “perversion” to light and allows him to openly display his sexual orientation. 4,973 more words

Expressions of Cosplay Performativity & Online Personas

Cosplayers construct their cosplayer personas through their use of social media across varied platforms (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and beyond). 810 more words


Joel Gn - Queer Simulation

Gn, Joel. “Queer simulation: The practice, performance, and pleasure of cosplay.” Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 25.4 (2011): 583-593. EBSCOHOST. Web. 02 May 2016. 182 more words


Frenchy Lunning - Cosplay and the Performance of Identity

Lunning, Frenchy. “Cosplay and the Performance of Identity.” Quodlibetica. 01 June 2012. Web. 02 May 2016.

Lunning represents the “negotiations and representations of power and gender” inherent in cosplay alongside the power negotiation of women who perform as “objects” to the male gaze. 175 more words


Scott Duchesne - Little Reckoning in Great Rooms: The Performance of ‘Cosplay’

Duchesne, Scott. “Little Reckoning in Great Rooms: The Performance of ‘Cosplay’.” Canadian Theatre Review 121 (2005): 17-26.

Duchesne opens with an anecdote about the documentary… 232 more words


Rahman, Wing-Sun, & Cheung - ‘Cosplay’: Imaginative Self and Performing Identity

Rahman, Osmud, Liu Wing-Sun, and Brittany Hei-man Cheung. “‘Cosplay’: Imaginative Self and Performing Identity.” Fashion Theory 16.3 (2012): 317-341.

The authors of this article examine cosplay in Hong Kong, noting especially the performativity and escapism of the subculture (317). 318 more words


Nicolle Lamerichs - Stranger than Fiction: Fan Identity in Cosplay

Lamerichs, Nicolle. “Stranger than Fiction: Fan Identity in Cosplay.” Transformative Works and Cultures. Organization for Transformative Works, 2011. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

Lamerichs identifies four elements of cosplay, namely the narrative, clothing, play/performance for spectators, and subject position (i.e. 333 more words