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New Directions Showcase 2018

We enjoyed a fantastic few days at Worcester University for the New Directions Showcase 2018 and this year it was our turn to host the event alongside NRTF (National Rural Touring Forum). 510 more words


Mousertainment’s Favorite Bands: Uptown Funk – Tribute to Bruno Mars

As my regular readers know by now, summer is one of my favorite times of the year to enjoy a live show. Is there any better combination than a warm evening and awesome tunes played by a great band?! 398 more words


Coltrane’s saxophonic scream

The critical reception of John Coltrane’s saxophonic scream—an incredibly high-pitched, raw, and intense explosion of timbre—demonstrates how our precognitive reaction to sonic timbres can invoke tropes of masculinity and race. 156 more words


Miriam Backhouse Erasmus 70th Birthday Tour

Many of the people who were very important when I was hanging around the pro/semi-pro folk scene in the 1970s have left the stage through retirement, changes of direction, or – all too often – the ministrations of the Grim Reaper. 215 more words


Béla Fleck’s Africa Project

In early 2005 Béla Fleck traveled to Tanzania, Uganda, Gambia, and Mali to meet, jam, and record with an impressive array of musicians, bringing along a recording engineer, a film crew, and enough gear to ensure that no encounter would go unrecorded. 140 more words


Louis Jordan and “Caldonia”

In an interview, Louis Jordan recalled the background of his 1945 hit Caldonia:

Caldonia started a long time before I came to New York. 140 more words