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Performance Review Template

I personally would like to present the work I have done in a template with numbers and figures.

Remember every little task counts and your customer needs to know. 37 more words


Poor Performance

What would be the best way to analyze poor performance of a web application?


Trust me, I’m trying to help!

Another stage performance dream. This time, I actually knew what was happening and I was performing pretty well. I was with dozens of other people that were singing the opening song to… 285 more words

Fake News, 1930s Style


Monday, and knee deep in alternative facts. This Yip Harburg-Harold Arlen song spills the beans.

Nat King Cole was such a great singer that sometimes people forget that he started out as a first-class jazz pianist, as you can see on his piano solo here. 14 more words


OEM Express in 12C

If you are looking for some basic database monitoring, Oracle 12C provides Enterprise Manager Express for that purpose. It is a light weight version of EM with limited features. 188 more words

Oracle General

Using Warmups To Assess Athlete's Movements

It has become very common in strength training today to focus on just the “strength” part of the training. Although it is called “strength training,” there are other aspects that are just as—if not more important than strength. 763 more words