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Veni, Vidi, Mori - What you learn from seeing a Man die

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Last summer, I saw a man get shot in the gut with a shotgun at point blank range in broad daylight. It makes for a marked improvement since the last time I was in close proximity to a gun, as this time around I wasn’t on the receiving end.   1,402 more words


What To Do In Antalya - Visit Perge

We woke up pretty early on the third day because we were going to Perge by bus. Antalya has a great public bus service. But you need to know how to use it. 418 more words

Perge, Antalya

Perge  is the a Roman ruin to Antalya, and worth a visit. We want to make a day of ruin hopping by combining it with visits to Aspendos. 124 more words


Road Trip - Part Trois

With a big tick in the “We’ve Been To Cappadocia” Box, it was time to hit the road. And the road we hit was the famous old Silk Road that passed through Cappadocia on its way to Konya. 863 more words


The ancient world of Antalya (Turkey)

Most people know Turkey because of its beaches, sunny weather, big all-inclusive hotels and cheap luxury. I have been to Turkey several times to enjoy a beach holiday, but this year I explored Turkey in a different way. 526 more words


Day 11: Antalya and Perge

There were three interesting things to report today.

Firstly it was National Children’s Day. This is the second biggest public holiday after Ataturk Day. I was told that after the freedom and democracy the Turks gained under Ataturk, the thing they value most are their children, as they see them as Turkey’s future. 921 more words


PERGE ANTIQUE CITY: Architecture and Imagination

Perge is a beautiful ruin from ancient times. The view belongs to your imagination. Some people see just rocks and grumble under sun. But others, like me, imagine how beautiful it was when the city was alive. 212 more words