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The Tyranny of Sexual Ethics

Our ethical behavior is very important, but it is not the most important aspect of our being. What is most important is that we trust that we have been embraced into the life of the God who is Father, Son, and Spirit. 414 more words

Christian Living

Perichoretic Dance of the Trinity

So when I think my children can no longer surprise me with the deep spiritual connections they make, they seem to take it to the next level.   400 more words

Lenten Journey

Keller Argues the Case for God

Timothy Keller. 2008.  The Reason for God:  Belief in an Age of Skepticism.  New York:  Dutton.

Review by Stephen W. Hiemstra

An old saw goes:  … 826 more words


What's Two Times Five?

We’ve all experienced that moment when a sunset, a mountain vista, or the crashing waves of the ocean evoke the sense of God’s presence. The natural world seems to speak to us of God’s care for us in unique ways. 491 more words


Somebody to Love ... Trinity III

Note: It would be useful to read The Trinity and The Trinity II.

Perichoresis is a Greek word which means “mutual indwelling”. It is used to describe the way in which the three elements of the  198 more words

Whatever It Takes

“Those who are wise will take all this to heart; they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.”

It is an awesome thing, after you’ve lived a while, to look back and see how the faithful love of the Lord has always been there. 660 more words


Charles C. Twombly - Perichoresis and Personhood. God, Christ and Salvation in John of Damascus

Wipf & Stock is going to publish by the end of February 2015 the PhD thesis of my virtual friend Charles Twombly, on perichoresis in John of Damascus, an excelent piece of academic work that I have used with great benefit in my own research on… 13 more words