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Death and Memory

First posted on Episcopal Cafe, October, 2016.

In my generation, Joan would have been a history professor.  Her mind was sharp; her critical edge for weighing evidence, instinctive.  1,450 more words


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Presented at a Society of Christian Philosophers session at the Central APA 2014

The Glories of Self-Determination? We tend to think of freedom as a good-making… 4,047 more words


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Presented at Logos 2016, Center for Philosophy of Religion, Notre Dame, IN

I. Identifying the Doctrine:

According to patristic, medieval, Calvinist and Lutheran theologies, all… 6,689 more words

The latest conversation, 16, in my series on relationality and public policy is now live!

Conversation 16, on public policy and relationality as reflected in the Trinity, is now live. Click here. To view the entire series, click here


Daily Riches: Joining God's Eternal Dance (Alan Watts)

“The playfulness of the child, the saint, and of God are alike in this; that they are all actions in the mood of eternity rather than the mood of time. 434 more words

The Love Of God

Theology from The Princess Bride

Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

I first heard that line from The Princess Bride when I was 15, watching the movie for the first time at summer camp. 331 more words

Christian Living

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation [book review]

Being a serious glutton for all things knowable, I once took a seminary class on the history of the doctrine of the Trinity. It was hours and hours of the immanent Trinity versus the economic Trinity, and what this or that theologian thinks and why the others think he or she is wrong. 1,005 more words