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From The Globe and Mail via PI: "‘Brilliant’ physicist to hold $8-million research chair at Perimeter Institute"

Perimeter Institute

Apr. 28, 2016

Long before the February press conference where physicists reported the first detection of gravitational waves from space – a major scientific achievement that made headlines around the world – Asimina Arvanitaki had arrived at a way to do the same thing with a far smaller and cheaper experiment involving a microscopic disk suspended by powerful lasers. 678 more words

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From PI: "Three Ways Physics Could Help Save Humanity"

Perimeter Institute

April 21, 2016

Technology has put our global environment in crisis. Could it also provide the solution?

PROBLEM: fossil fuels for power and transit… 639 more words

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'I’m really hoping people ask me how quantum computing works': Trudeau's 'geek' lecture not so off-the-cuff

It was the math lecture heard ‘round the world. The Canadian Prime Minister, standing in front of a blackboard filled with complicated math equations, seemingly delivering an off-the-cuff explanation of quantum computing. 469 more words


Katherine Freese: Cosmic Cocktail

I really like her remarks on how Einstein had to give up his idea of a static universe, and her description of the “center” of the universe. 326 more words

From PI: "Perimeter heads nationwide partnership to ignite innovation for Canada's 150th year"

Perimeter Institute

March 15, 2016

Five of Canada’s leading science outreach organizations will deliver Innovation150, a cross-country celebration of Canadian ingenuity, throughout 2017.

Travelling science exhibitions, major city-wide festivals, and dynamic online experiences are among the year-long activities in Innovation150, a nationwide partnership announced this week in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 850 more words

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