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My Canada, 64/150: The fruits of technology

It’s hard to picture what Waterloo Region would be like if BlackBerry never happened.

I’d argue there would still be a thriving tech hub in the community: companies such as… 768 more words


Chapter 4A: Grande Prairie, Alberta

We’ve finally made it to our first stop in Alberta: Grande Prairie.

The load-in here was in sharp contrast to our Yellowknife situation. To start with, it was much warmer in Grand Prairie (most of the snow was melting) and we could easily wheel in our exhibit and equipment. 508 more words


Chapter 2G: Fort St. John, BC

So we’re revisiting the end of Chapter 2 again, because I failed to realize Fort St John was still in British Columbia (although it is pretty close to the Alberta border). 322 more words


Chapter 3A: Whitehorse, Yukon

Wow, it seems so surreal now, but just last week I was in Whitehorse, Yukon. It’s a place that I never thought I’d get an opportunity to see and I’m still over the moon just thinking about it! 521 more words


Chapter 2F: Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert was our second last stop in beautiful British Columbia and boy, was it a spectacular drive there! After driving a little over 1200 km from Kamloops, we reached Charles Hayes Secondary School (CHSS) in Prince Rupert. 420 more words


Chapter 2E: Kamloops, BC

The adventure from Port Coquitlam to Kamloops was about a 4 hour drive and was absolutely beautiful. We weaved through the Coquihalla highway and passed by beautiful mountains. 330 more words