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MIT researcher is sure there are alien life forms out there, not sure why so many people think they've been here

Alien life is almost certainly real, they probably just haven’t visited Earth yet.

That’s according to Sara Seager, a woman described as a “pioneer” in the search for exoplanets — ones that orbit a sun other than our own. 1,992 more words


Perimeter Institute celebrates Einstein's theory of general relativity and its contemporary renaissance

It’s been a century since Albert Einstein scribbled a series of papers in one week in November 1915.

He would eventually explain why Mercury’s orbit shifts ever so slightly through his theory of general relativity. 271 more words


Perimeter Institute delves into the life of Emmy Noether. Watch live from Waterloo

Emmy Noether was one of the most influential minds of the early 20th century.

You’ve also probably never heard of her.

But her theories of symmetries in nature and conservation laws (the idea that something, like an electrical charge, isn’t altered but transferred during a reaction and its movement can be mathematically traced) are deeply entrenched in modern physics. 163 more words


Pedro Vieira at the Perimeter Institute

Today’s news are nice indeed for a Portuguese such as me with a persistent enthusiasm for Science, and Physics in particular. I must say that I didn’t know… 334 more words