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From PI: "What We Know (And What We Don't) About Dark Matter"

Perimeter Institute

June 29, 2016

Eamon O’Flynn
Manager, Media Relations
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Some of the most abundant stuff in the universe is also the most mysterious, but we may not be in the dark for long. 379 more words

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From PI: "New Experiment Clarifies How The Universe Is Not Classical"

Perimeter Institute

June 17, 2016
Erin Bow

“This is a great example of what’s possible when Perimeter and IQC work together. We can start with these exciting, abstract ideas and convert them to things we can actually do in our labs.” 1,444 more words


From PI: "Bridging Two Roads of Physics" Women in Science

Perimeter Institute

May 30, 2016
Rose Simone

Recent Perimeter research based on the holographic principle seeks new connections between general relativity and quantum field theory. 1,075 more words

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How chaos theory explains climate change: Watch Perimeter Institute tackle global warming in a live lecture

Black holes and quantum computers and so-called God particles normally dominate mainstream coverage of the big problems in theoretical physics.

But what if the study of everything, the building blocks that make up the blueprints of life, had much more immediate and practical applications? 459 more words