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Perineal massage in pregnancy

I’m writing about perineal massage only because it was one of those things I was completely unaware of until I became pregnant, like skin tags (which I now have), freckles and dark pigmentation all over the breasts (which I also have) and swollen veins in the vulva (which I don’t have but heard about at yoga). 808 more words

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New Territory

The Perineum, commonly called the taint is the territory between his testicles and his anus. It may be an area where a husband is very aware of the possibilities of pleasure or has absolutely no clue what he is missing out on. 640 more words

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The benefits of Perineal Massage and how to do it

Starting around 34 weeks, try massaging your perineum. Daily perineal massage may increase the area’s ability to stretch, leading to less need for an episiotomy and fewer natural tears. 232 more words


If I could have a first pregnancy do-over...

…I would share some things with myself.

Exercise. Just do it. There are safe exercises to keep your body strong for you and baby and it will only help your recovery after delivery if you start out as strong as possible. 520 more words

Coconut oil

Coconut oil – Should we go any further (I have by the way, have tried many skincare products and will post on those also)?  My husband thinks I should ditch all the products in the bathroom and just use coconut oil…internal, hair, skin.  375 more words

Ketatosis Pilaris