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Coconut oil

Coconut oil – Should we go any further (I have by the way, have tried many skincare products and will post on those also)?  My husband thinks I should ditch all the products in the bathroom and just use coconut oil…internal, hair, skin.  375 more words

Ketatosis Pilaris

Having a sense of humour whilst pregnant - perineal massage and birth

Especially with your first baby, having a sense of humour whilst pregnant is essential. I found, at times, the fear of the unknown got the better of me and this was particularly true the further through the pregnancy I got. 110 more words


Perineal Massage for Beginners

Do you love your perineum?

You probably don’t think about it much. Unless you’ve had a baby before and then you become very aware of the presence of your perineum. 731 more words


Birth Videos

So many of us are filled with imagery of births as medical emergencies or otherwise painful, screaming, or distressing visions. These videos of various hospital and home births offer a new perspective and help us imagine that there are many, many possibilities for what birth “looks like”. 245 more words


Ensure Your Delivery Goes Smoothly With a Birth Plan

Your birth experience should be as beautiful as your new baby. However, many women are left feeling traumatized if their delivery doesn’t happen as they envisioned. 373 more words

Did You Know?

First Time Moms: Consider Perineal Massage

Tearing during childbirth is common (more than 70% of women experience perineal trauma in childbirth) especially for first time vaginal births, and in vacuum or forceps assisted deliveries ( 696 more words