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Yoga Mammas Prepare for Birth Massage Oil

Massage for Birth Preparation

It may not sound appealing but research has shown that massaging the perineum regularly for  5 -10 minutes in the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy can help you have a more comfortable birth, positive postnatal recovery and decreases the chances of a perineum trauma. 415 more words


Muscle Memory & Your Perineum

You may or may not have ever heard the term “muscle memory” before and if you haven’t and your’e pregnant now is the team to get familiar with it. 744 more words


What the heck is Perineal Massage?

If you decide you do not want to undergo an Episiotomy a good way to help your tissues become more flexible is by utilizing Perineal Massage. 286 more words


What the heck is an Episiotomy?

An Episiotomy is a surgical incision to your perineum. My What? Your perineum is the tissue that connects your vaginal opening to your anus. (If you’re like me you didn’t even know the “proper” name for this area.) Sounds horribly uncomfortable. 343 more words