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To my midwife: I'm sorry. This will hurt.

To my dear midwife:

I miss you every day. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? To miss a care provider? But I do and it’s uncomfortable and scary for me to write this and set it free. 1,080 more words


Yoga Lesson 17th September 2016

Jalandhar Bandh ( Throat or Glottis lock)   || Jalandhare krute bandhe kanthsankochlakshane,  na piyusham patatyagro na ch vaayuha prakrupyati  ||

Having maintained the bandh named Jalandhar characterized by contraction at the throat, the nectar oozing from the moon does not fall down into the fire at the navel and also the Vaayu does not get disturbed. 345 more words


Perineum Millennial

I’m middle class, I’m middle class, I’m middle class, I’m middle class
In a pub called ‘The Rut’ betwixt a pussy and an arse,
Ordering another to fill this shot glass, 70 more words


2 Weeks Childbirth Postpartum Recovery

It’s been 2 weeks since my world has changed with the birth of my little baby boy.  Since we’ve been home, there’s been a lot of adjustment and reintroduction to “newborn” mode.   1,261 more words



Say what you like about monkey nuts – they are he tastiest part of the monkey.

But seriously folks…

Monkey nuts are the monkey’s nuts. My mum continues to ban them in her house, on the grounds that they produce an inordinate amount of mess. 239 more words

Average Food Blog

Post partum recovery: 15 weeks later

My post partum body is slowly getting back to normal (?). I question this as I don’t even know what normal is anymore after fertility treatments, laparoscopy surgery and deliverying a 9lb baby.  616 more words

6 weeks postpartum

Wyatt is 6 weeks old. My oh my! How the time flies!

You spend so many years wishing and wanting for this baby. Once they are here, you blink and they are already so big compared to when you first laid eyes on them. 763 more words