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17 Sexy Spots On A Man's Body That Aren't His Penis

1. His Nipples

Why do men have nipples? Because God wants men to be happy. A man’s nipples are the only part of his body that serve absolutely no purpose besides giving him sensual pleasure. 1,134 more words


a prostate orgasm is the most intense orgasm a man can have. it’s that sweet spot for men.

there are two ways to stimulate the p-spot: 194 more words

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:: Anda Memiliki Masalah Dengan Buang Air Besar? Coba Pijat Bagian Tubuh Ini ::

CNI DC715 Anda memiliki masalah dengan buang air besar? Tentu Anda sudah mencoba berbagai macam bantuan mulai dari makanan berserat hingga obat pelunak feses. Tapi, ada satu hal yang mungkin Anda belum mencobanya dan bisa menjadi kunci kelancaran buang air besar Anda. 113 more words

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Start of the Epi-no

So earlier in the week I went out and bought the Epi-no. For anyone who doesn’t know what the epi-no is, it is a small balloon-like device that you place in your vagina and inflate, to get your perineum ready for birth. 1,041 more words

Man, 42, breaks his PENIS during sex 

A man was left in agony after fracturing his penis during sex.

The 42-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery after snapping a fibrous membrane inside the organ. 277 more words


Brooks saddle

I completely wore out my old wtb saddle which had been with me for about three bicycles.  Now,  with a longer commute, I figured I could easily break in a Brooks. 120 more words


The breech and the perineum

In an active breech birth, we aim to support and encourage the physiological process as long as it appears to be safely unfolding. When practising in this way, we have to understand why some variations occur, when they may threaten the safety of mother or baby, and how clinicians might intervene to safely assist the birth when necessary.  747 more words

Breech Skills