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The Birth of a Nation (2016)

Sold for a record $17.5 million at the Sundance Film Festival, there were big expectations for the Nat Turner biopic, The Birth of a Nation… 1,604 more words


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Roughly two years ago, I discovered a new series as soon as it’s cover met my eye:

Much to my pleasure, I found that not only are there dozens of ooky-spooky vintage photographs within this book, but the story’s narrative is woven by mentioned photographs – how cool is that? 416 more words


Shall We Dance?: Ballroom Scenes and the use of Romantic Slow-Motion in Almost Every Period Drama, Ever

I have, in my time, been known to indulge in a Period Drama (or hundred) – I just can’t resist that lovely mix of almost fairy tale romanticism, optimism and relatively few real-world Issues. 1,035 more words

The Light Between Oceans (2016)

A melodrama through and through, The Light Between Oceans is at its core a pretty-looking movie about pretty-looking people being sad. The premise almost seems like a parody of prestige indie filmmaking in the 1990s. 306 more words


Ben-Hur (2016)

How can one review the 2016 version of Ben-Hur without bringing up its multitude of predecessors, chiefly the 1959 Best Picture winner with one of the greatest sequences in all of cinematic history? 1,458 more words