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The Great Wall (2017)

The Great Wall is the most expensive film in Chinese history and the first major co-production between an American film studio and a Chinese-owned studio. While Matt Damon is the name above the title, it’s filled with recognizable Chinese stars, like Andy Lau, Eddie Peng, and pop star Lu Han. 1,421 more words


The Founder (2016)

The Founder aims to be The Social Network of hamburgers and milkshakes, a warts-and-all biopic of a huckster who glommed onto other’s success and transformed it into an empire, a pragmatically ruthless entrepreneur run rampant with ambition and leaving behind a trail of lawsuits and disgruntled little people. 1,771 more words


Period film: Jackie (2016)

Jackie is a film about a great American tragedy… but it’s not really about the tragedy at all.

The life, presidency, and assassination of John F. 538 more words

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Period film: Hidden Figures (2016)

In the midst of a space race, NASA needed all of the brain power it could get. Included among the ranks were the “computers” — mathematicians assisting the engineers and flight planning teams with expert calculations. 559 more words

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Silence (2016)

A nearly three-hour movie about Portuguese Jesuit priests facing persecution in 17th century Japan and struggling with the personal demands and costs of their faith sounds like a hard sell for your casual moviegoer. 453 more words


Live by Night (2016)

With only three films, Ben Affleck has successfully reinvented himself as one of Hollywood’s most talented directors when it comes to adult crime thrillers. It’s not just his superb directing chops; the man also serves as producer, lead actor on most films as well as a screenwriter, and Affleck’s ability to write flawed yet deeply human characters within genre parameters has accomplished actors flocking to work for him. 1,900 more words


The Handmaiden (2016)

I’m glad there’s still a filmmaker at the talent level of director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) dedicated to making genuine Gothic romance with style and reverence. 377 more words