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DIY Personalized "Handwritten" Scarf

For anyone who’s ever planned something, be it a work presentation, wedding, party for New Year’s Eve, or even a trip, well, sometimes, you just have to compromise on your expectations.   1,263 more words


If You Like Agent Carter, Try These Shows!

Eight episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter isn’t enough for one year. I love the humor, characters, and action too much for it to be over so soon. 353 more words


The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is the first of the Oscar Best Picture nominees that I’ve seen and, as a result, I’m going to preface it with a brief explanation of how I intend to review all of these. 1,505 more words


Oscars 2015

One of the oldest traditions on The Inquisitive Loon has been to review as many of the Oscar Best Picture nominated movies as possible. As any veteran of the website knows, I’m a huuuuge movie enthusiast and so, even when the nominations are questionable, I just can’t resist seeing the movies and clashing them against each other, giving my own unique two cents on which one is worthy of the critical acclaim. 299 more words


Top Three: Emma Adaptations

About once a year, I watch through all of the film adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels. (One time, my mom and I watched about 6 or 7 versions of… 472 more words


A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Boo Mondays! Or at least this one anyways. It’s just been a day where things either don’t cooperate with me or go the total other direction I was hoping/expecting. 1,703 more words

We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers is one of those war films that I remember watching when I was much younger, at a time when I did not know as much about the history behind the movie’s time period as I do now. 1,272 more words