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The Soulless Swordsman: A Meditation on the Student of Prague.

By Balduin

Word Count: 603

Rating: PG

Summary: A short story inspired by “The Student of Prague”.

‘The Student of Prague’ is a retelling of the Faust Legend, except that the soul the protagonist sells is his own mirror reflection, which then leaves the mirror and lives out his dark fantasies, becoming the Hyde to his Jekyll. 564 more words


Monday Muse: Ruth Negga

There is so much gorgeousness in the world today coming out of some incredible ladies who are accomplished, driven, and express themselves with completely individual style. 1,544 more words


An Introduction:A Pride and Prejudice Fan-Fiction Story

By: Nadia C. Shoshana

Word Count:  5068

Rating: G

Summary: A mass Jane Austen crossover story.

Ballrooms are known to bring the greatest of pleasures or disappointments and certainly the highest expectations from many different quarters in London.   5,063 more words


Life and Love: A Jane Austen Drabble

By Audrey Elissa Hodson

Word Count: 396

Rating: G

Summary: A Jane Austen-style short fiction.

Dawn crept through the thin linen window hangings. Our rooster ‘twas all but inept, as of late. 370 more words


A Day on Piccadilly Street

By Elizabeth Fust

Word Count: 1789

Rating: G

Summary:  When Anne slips away from her aunt in the art gallery to peruse a bookshop, she meets a most unexpected person. 1,830 more words


Accents and Sophistication: A Poldark Fan-Fiction Story

By BellChell17

Word Count: 921

Rating: G

Summary: A comedic domestic sketch of Ross and Demelza Poldark

(Set during season two, before episode seven.)

Ross had just come home from the mine and settled in his seat to talk to Demelza while she was cooking dinner. 901 more words


Blade Of The Immortal (2017)

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, ANd Views Are My Game.

When her parents are slaughtered by a ruthless group of swordsmen, teenaged Rin seeks out a ronin named Manji, who, rumor has it, cannot be killed. 506 more words

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