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A Decent Night's Sleep?

My family woke me up today. That isn’t that surprising. My wife, son, and/or daughter have woken me most mornings. It’s either by having the TV on, moving around on the bed, getting going for the day (shower, changing, etc.), or coming downstairs to have breakfast and leave (when I sleep on the hide-a-bed), or when most of all of them decide it’s time to get Daddy up and either call out, push, prod, or climb on top of me. 585 more words


RLS aka Willis Ekbom Disease

Everyone knows it by restless leg syndrome. The scientific community gave it a new name awhile back called Willis Ekbom Disease.

Some people, like me, have whole body symptoms. 256 more words


Pain... Oh, the Pain!

Not that long ago, my wife made it clear to me she thought I was suffering from CPS. It made sense, though I didn’t want to deal with another problem. 1,280 more words


My Fight With Sleep Becomes Addicting

Strange to say… but my fight with sleep apparently became addicting at least for my body.

When I visited my new doctor at Johns Hopkins in early July I mentioned it was an eye-opening 90 minutes. 1,078 more words


Dealing With Depression... not RLS

As I indicated in my previous post about “Misunderstanding My Pain,” in hindsight there were many symptoms, diagnoses, etc. that probably seemed to indicate I had RLS and PLMD as early as my high school years. 1,215 more words


Misunderstanding My Pain: Hindsight is 20/20

I have always been active and as I get older it has been hard to not stay as active, fit, etc. as I once was. I played collegiate soccer, worked with the women’s basketball team in college, played noon-time hoops, all after having played as many sports as I could as a child and through high school. 1,086 more words


My Fight With Sleep... Gets More Complicated

In the first blog (My Fight With Sleep) of this series, I explained how I had been having an ongoing fight with sleep for two decades Рat least. 1,054 more words