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Many of us new to the details of C.S. Peirce’s sign categories find them difficult to define, identify, remember, recall and use. As Miss Brodie said of the use of the quarter hour, I refuse to be intimidated by Peirce’s fine semiological distinctions. 1,397 more words


Periodic Table and Atomic Weight

Periodic Table Secondary Standard Syllabus
Number of electrons in the last shell
Atomic Number
Atomic Weight

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Periodic Table Displays How Each Element Is Used

From Mental Floss –

The ability to name all of the elements on the periodic table from actinium to zinc is an impressive feat. Actually being able to explain how each element functions in the real world is a little more challenging. 59 more words

Marguerite Perey: When The Lab Assistant Gets The Credit

Most people obtain a bachelor’s degree before getting their masters, and even that is a prerequisite for a doctorate. Most people, however, don’t discover a new chemical element. 994 more words


The Periodic Table Just Got an Update Thanks to H.G.J. Moseley

H.G.J. Mosley, (1887-1915) a scientist who studied under Rutherford, just made an important discovery about atomic numbers. His research shows that atomic numbers are not just abstract, but are exact and have a physical basis. 66 more words

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Oxygen: The Gas of Life

We’re venturing into a new medium here at Sustainable Nano: infographics! This first entry is all about the amazing eighth element in the Periodic Table: oxygen. 30 more words

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What’s Not to Wonder: All Things Reconsidered

He is the image of God, the invisible one,

The firstborn of creation.

For in him all things were created,

In the heavens and here on earth. 952 more words