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Margaret Hassan was loved by the people of Iraq. She became an Iraqi citizen, worked tirelessly for the people of Iraq but was kidnapped and murdered in 2004. 98 more words



A noble gas… whether its usage in the brash signage of London’s West End, or downtown Las Vegas can be described as noble is a different question. 82 more words



Flourine as soluble fluoride in water helps prevent dental cavities. This led me to remember my dentist who operated from a tall house on near the Esplanade in Cowes, Isle of Wight from where you could view the Solent. 149 more words


My 2018 March Madness Periodic Table Bracket

There are almost as many methods of picking your March Madness tournament bracket as there are people who pick them.  That said, there are some common methods used by those who don’t know much about college basketball.  752 more words

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Periodic Table

Salaam (May God Bless You). Did you knew that many of the elements in the periodic table have the atomic symbols abbreviated to their names but some have atomic symbols which are totally different. 394 more words


Three atop A Crosshatch

“Hey, Sy, what you said back there, ‘three and a fraction‘ ways to link atoms together…”

“Yeah, Vinnie?”

“What’s that about?  How do fractions come in when you’re counting?” 682 more words


Right from the first moment of life, our lives are a desperate struggle against death. We draw in oxygen to keep us alive every moment. Here I imagine a moment of deep inhaling of oxygen from a cylinder: at the moment of birth, at the moment of near-death in a car accident, and just before immersion in a foreign oceanic world. 208 more words