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Chemical Formulas 101

It seems like every other day we hear about some hacker, tinkerer, maker, coder or one of the many other Do-It-Yourself engineer types getting their hands into a complex field once reserved to only a select few. 1,341 more words


CP14 - Exam 01


  • Thursday, September 29th

Exam 01

  • Unit Objectives
  • No M/C, No Essay
  • Fill-in Blank / Short Answer
  • Value = 100 pts

Questions Asked


A look at "many-electron atoms"

Last time, when talking about quantum mechanics, we used Hydrogen as our prime example.

That’s because Schrödinger’s equation for H can be exactly solved, but that’s not so for the other elements on the periodic table. 1,474 more words


CH12 -Pulling Together


  • P1 – Friday, September 23rd
  • P3 – Thursday, September 22nd
  • P5 – Monday, September 26th

Recap – Worksheet

  • ionization energy trends
  • other connections on the worksheet…
  • 285 more words

CH10 - Orbital Magic


  • P1 – Monday, September 19th
  • P3 – Tuesday, September 20th
  • P5 – Tuesday, September 20th

Recap: Electrons