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Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: The Periodic Table

We continued our exploration of the Periodic Table by working through the first 13 slides of the Lesson 10 PowerPoint.  Students then worked through most of the… 92 more words


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Properties of the Elements

Students took notes from the Lesson 9 PowerPoint, learning about the concepts of atomic mass, protons, and neutrons, and isotopes.  Students also learned about electrons and the concept of electronegativity.   48 more words


Periodic Table Time in Tierra Amarilla

Our students in Tierra Amarilla are excited to begin measuring water quality on the Rio Chama and the Brazos River. Before we begin, though, students must understand what we’re measuring. 105 more words

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Element Speed Dating

I decided to try something completely new for my Element Projects this year: Element Speed Dating. Over the summer, I stumbled on some images of elements… 410 more words


A table of 303 heavy metals, from AC/DC to Zyklon, charted according to genre.

Source: PopChartLab


Don't Understand the Periodic Table? It's Just a Quantum Truth Table

In the wee hours of the late 17th century, Isaac Newton could be found locked up in his laboratory prodding the secrets of nature. Giant plumes of green smoke poured from cauldrons of all shapes and sizes, while others hissed  and spat new and mysterious chemical concoctions, like miniature volcanoes erupting with knowledge from the unknown. 1,526 more words

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Some More Periodic Tables !

This is an easy post this week as it’s a round up of some more Periodic Tables I’ve spotted since my last post on them.  First of all thanks to Professor Ken Seddon for forwarding me this picture of a periodic table he found displayed in the faculty of chemical sciences in Madrid. 285 more words