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TED-Ed and Periodic Videos

TED-Ed and Periodic Videos.

This specific link to TED-Ed shows a periodic table, where every single element has a video link! The videos are from the University of Nottingham and all subtitled, varying in length and type of content. 96 more words


Pint of Science

And finally, the promised and – I assume – highly anticipated post about my experiences with Pint of Science.  However, before the post proper, can we all take a few moments out from our busy lives to read a few words from our sponsor. 988 more words

Do Mendeleevs Dream of Elemental Patterns?!

Ever wonder why the Periodic Table is arranged the way it is and how the pattern emerged?

Check out this fantastic Radiolab podcast to hear the ever curious and ever delightful… 41 more words


Are protons really too technical?

If it’s not too personal a question, I would love to know if you think you know what the Periodic Table is? The Today presenter John Humphrys seems to think it’s something we should probably be aware of, but he’d be pretty forgiving if you’d like to confess your ignorance. 404 more words


Mystery History Lesson

eeyorn the space donkey addresses the Martian Chemistry Society:

As a trained ex-IT specialist, maths geek, one-time chemistry student and general student of science, the binary sequence fascinates me, and I went off into a reverie the other night while watching 2 friends play ‘GO’- with my thoughts  including listing out antonym pairs, and then taking a sharp left turn into chemical periodicity as graphically suggested by the periodic table. 259 more words

Antonym Pairs