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Reading: Kickstarter Finds - Alternative Periodic Table

We often search Kickstarter for interesting items such as games, films, and albums.  We recently came across the Alternative Periodic Table.  The graphic artist, Matt Baker, takes a pattern that is found in the atoms of the elements.   149 more words


37.THE PERIODIC TABLE- History (2)-Dimitri Mendeleev.

The Father of the periodic table .

 A child was born on 8th February 1834, in  a small town Tobolsk in Siberia. He was the youngest of 14 siblings.His father was a high school teacher and mother managed a glass factory.His father went blind in the same year of his birth and thus his mother had to work to support the family.As he started growing up,his mother gathered that her youngest son was intellectually strong and so she decided to give him a good education.When this child was 15 years old, his mother started a journey with him, from Tobolsk to Moscow(around 2500kms !) on a horse carriage.She wanted to admit her child in a good school in Moscow.However, he was not admitted in any school in Moscow and so they travelled further more till St.Petersberg. 909 more words

Inorganic Chemistry

The 79th element 

Gold gets its name from the Germanic word “gulpa” (meaning gold). The old English word “geolu” means yellow.The Italian for gold is “oro” and the Italian for yellow is “giallo”. 434 more words