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Educational Applications for Your Smartphone

Smartphones have made their way into the palms of almost every student. There are those who use iPhones, and some prefer Android. But regardless of the type of smartphone students are using, they are still prone to installing applications that deem necessary for each of their educational needs. 880 more words


Periodic Table Snap/Memory

We’re still on Atomic Structure study.  We made a game to help reinforce the Element Symbols with the actual Elements.  This was to help with faster recall (and not having to sing the whole song every time she was working out an element) and confidence that she really knew them. 87 more words

Classical Conversations Science Weeks 13-18 for Cycle

For Classical Conversations Science weeks 13-18 I plan to use the following resource. Again, I may add in something different each week too, and I’ll share that as we get into weekly resources. 34 more words

The Elements of Life: Periodic Table Edition

I cannot count the number of times I have found myself in awe of the periodic table. With its crazy amount of information, I am both fascinated and perplexed. 1,283 more words

What is the Difference between Molarity and Normality?

Molarity and normality are two important and commonly used concentrations in chemistry that are measured  using two different approaches. Both terms are used to indicate quantitative measurement of a substance. 449 more words

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Sci-Fi Periodic Table

   The original image came from BuyMetalOnline.com, but it is no longer available there (for some reason). I’ve always really enjoyed it, and figure that I should share it. How many can you identify?

The Imperial Probot

New Elements Contest | University of Waterloo

The contest is to have students design an elemental tile for each of the four newly named elements, nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts) and oganesson (Og).   74 more words

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