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This 3-year old remembers the entire periodic table of elements!

My life’s got 99 problems and thes 118 just add up!, I’d say in my higher secondary chemistry lectures.

However, for 3 year old Brielle from Calif, 118 elements on the periodic table are just another story. 78 more words

Shruti Chaturvedi

Exam: Atom, PT, Bonds, Nomenclature


Here, another exam on th the topics of atomic models, periodic table and periodic properties, chemical bonds, and inorganic nomenclature:

Chemistry – Eval 01… 8 more words


Christmas gifts part 1

I have always loved Christmas, and not because I think we need to buy lots of presents, but because it is the time of year to take stock and think about where we have been and where we want to go. 466 more words

Interesting Places

Are You as Smart as a 3 Year Old ... Probably Not!

If you’ve ever listened to a three year old talk, it’s usually quite entertaining, they’re just beginning to use full words and understand what you’re saying to them. 34 more words


A Creative Resource for Teaching Science

By Natalie Gillis

Curriculum Connection: High school Chemistry: Periodic Tables. Full curriculum connections noted at end of article.

Notes for Educators

Play is not just a way to pass the time or provide relaxation; it is an important learning experience (UNESCO, 1988).  1,158 more words

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry

On Tsimmerman's Adomah Periodic Table

Because our Electron Configurations Tool was inspired by Tsimmerman and Janet versions of the periodic table, we felt necessary to add content to the tool’s page to briefly explain some features of Tsimmerman’s table, formally branded as ADOMAH PT. 97 more words

Data Mining

Atomic Structure Practice Game

Click on the picture to go the practice site to reinforce what you know about atomic numbers, atomic mass, and the structure of atoms.