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1869- 1870 Periodic Table

  • Mendeleev–in 1869–and Meyer–in 1870–independently published their periodic tables
  • They both organized the elements in an ascending order of atomic weight. Each column housed the elements that have the same properties…
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Electronegativity Chart - Download Software

Electronegativity Definition and Chart

Electronegativity (χ) is a chemical property of an atom or a functional group, to attract electron towards itself. Electronegativity of an atom depends on its Atomic Number and Atomic Radius. 352 more words


#4. Popularization of Nerd Culture

In any episode of Breaking Bad, one of the first things you will notice is the periodic table or at least elements from it being displayed in the names of the listed actors across your television screen or wherever you’re watching it. 414 more words
Breaking Bad

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

I stumbled across this and find it highly amusing. Neat!


Science Fun: Get Your Chemistry On

It is time again for spiffy science links! If you missed the past couple of months of links, you might want to check out “ 664 more words

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Chemistry Honors - Classes 36/37/38


  • Period B: Wednesday, March 25th – Monday, March 30th
  • Period D: Wednesday, March 25th – Monday, March 30th
  • Period G: Thursday, March 26th – Tuesday, March 31st…
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