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Quantum Numbers and Isotopes


> Isotopes are elements with the same atomic number, but different mass numbers.

> Atomic mass = sum of (isotopic mass)(percent abundance) of each isotope… 271 more words


Color-classifed periodic table of chemical elements | neutral chemistry

Eliminating national, ethnic, racial, religious, gender, and species bias from the sciences is mandatory. Here’s a color-classified periodic table using the new bias-free nomenclature.

NOTE: We’re no longer using “metric” to describe this nomenclature, since the established metric system adheres strictly to base-10 counting. 29 more words

Chemical Elements

Act I: Give and Take - Laws of Ionic Attraction


Noble gases — they just don’t care to bond with anyone.

Since they filled up their valence band, they have no affinity to add more or get rid of any electrons, and are happy just to stay the way they are. 930 more words


Periodic Table Song

I love this song…

Too fast? Here is the slow version.

This actually helps with learning the elements! Just put this song on all day! 292 more words


Prelude: Chemistry Repeats Itself

Let me take you back in time. To a simpler time. To…high school chem. (Or maybe first-year of college chem? I don’t really remember.)

Atoms: they are the stuff things are made of. 684 more words


Periodic Table of Google Analytics

The results of this work are three ways to visualize Google Analytics in an easy to understand manner: An interactive periodic table of Google Analytics hosted on Jeffalytics.com (this page). 7 more words