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App Review - The elements (by Theodore Gray)

Since this was released in 2010 I have probably cumulatively spent hours DAYS on this app.

I remember pleading for my dad to buy this on his iPad for weeks after seeing it advertised in a magazine. 726 more words


Chemistry is My LiFe

Is chemistry your LiFe? Then these are elemental! This pair of Scrabble-tile earrings include the chemical symbols for lithium and iron, but you can request any combo you want. 6 more words


A 'quirk' that Dedekind, Mendeleev and Hilbert had in common :)


I always get an extra boost of creativity, motivation and productivity in my graduate research after periods of teaching.  I’ve been working at different math summer camps for the last few weeks, and the experience was tiring and challenging at times.   486 more words



Ununoctium has the highest atomic number and highest atomic mass of all the elements discovered so far. Due to its high mass, it is very unstable. 69 more words



As of 2015, only fifteen atoms of this element have been observed, six in 2010, seven in 2012, and two in 2014. It may be located in the “island of stability”, a concept in which some superheavy elements may be more stable than would otherwise be expected. 51 more words



Livermorium is an extremely radioactive superheavy synthetic element. It is named for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US, which collaborated with the JINR in Dubna, Russia to discover it in 2000. 46 more words