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Let's add hydrogen gas

I’m going to add 1.00 mol of hydrogen gas, H2(g), to our 10-litre vessel. We’ll assume that the entire experiment is carried out at normal room temperature – let’s say it’s 20°C. 685 more words


Best Scientist on YouTube. Hands Down. Don't Argue...(you can try)

Lately my husband and I have been watching a lot of chemistry videos on YouTube.  It started with slow-mo videos.  I love slow motion videos.  Something exploding slowly?   285 more words


Chemical elements. Part 1

Lately I have been reading a great book that I found online by Paul Parson called the Periodic Table and I thought it would be a good idea to share a small summary of each chapter. 771 more words

The dose makes the poison (part 2)

This periodic table summarises daily upper intake limits for various elements (data taken from a variety of sources). Of the elements highlighted, Thallium is the most toxic. 65 more words


Four new elements

This is old news, but earlier this year we had official confirmation of four new elements (temporarily named ununtrium, ununpentium, ununseptium, and… 22 more words


Periodic Table Smoothie

Yesterday, I was wondering what would happen if we mixed the entire periodic table of elements together in a blender. Unsurprisingly, it would explode, scattering radioactive dust and debris for miles around in a red-hot fireball formed from the simultaneous fission of the entire seventh row. 258 more words


Thursday, 4/21/16- B Day

To my students:

I am absent from school today. We have a quiz next week to assess what you have learned about the Periodic Table and Atoms. 97 more words