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40.THE PERIODIC TABLE - Non-metals and Metalloids.

In our last post we discussed the properties of metals in detail.In this post, let us look into  non-metals and metalloids.Let us figure out, how these two can be differentiated from metals. 450 more words

Inorganic Chemistry

February 23rd - The Periodic Table Redux

Oxygen Magnesium (O Mg), Bike in Shapes is this week! We Zinc you’ll want to join the Periodic Table Redux ride, from The Cannery, this Thursday at 7pm. 10 more words

Bike In Shapes

Griffith Observatory 2/7/17

After sitting through La La Land and scanning positive yelp reviews I insisted my local friend take me to Griffith Observatory despite the gloomy forecast. Apparently, dreary clouds and drizzling skies are atypical of LA. 316 more words

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Indium (49)

This is my personal homage to the late Oliver Sacks (1933-2015), a genius who use the periodic table of elements to trace his birthdays. He reached element 82 (Lead), let’s hope to go further in that path – … 6 more words

Real Life

Is there an element zero??

The periodic table contains a wide array of elements, numbered from one (hydrogen) to 118 (oganesson), with each number representing the number of protons stored within an atom’s nucleus. 335 more words


In our last post we introduced the Modern form or Long form of the periodic.Let us now begin to study the table in greater detail. 1,432 more words

Inorganic Chemistry