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PBS' 'Nova' seeking periodic-table fans to fund TV special

LOS ANGELES (AP)(STL.News) — Geeks of America, PBS’ “Nova” wants you to open up your minds and wallets for a sequel to its sleeper 2012 hit film on the periodic table. 16 more words

The Periodic Table Table Featuring Theo Gray

Some individuals gather stamps. Wolfram Study founder as well as writer Theo Gray collects aspects. Step into his workplace, as well as you'll see a silicon disc etched with Homer Simpson, a jar of mercury, uranium coverings as well as thousands of various other chemical artefacts. 105 more words

Periodic Fever Syndrome

Define periodic fever syndrome The condition in which patient suffers from recurring episodic fever along with inflammatory symptoms without the The post Periodic Fever Syndrome appeared first on SyndromesPedia.

Atomic building blocks express archetypal structure

Many chemists chart the periodic table on a spiral. Most tables
introduce gaps at certain intervals, to account for gaps in the
progression of stable properties along the progress of atomic numbers… 508 more words

Stoneprint Introduction

Magnesium - properties

Elemental properties

symbol        | Mg
atomic number | 12
atomic mass   | 24.305 u (unified atomic mass units)

Thermodynamic properties

phase at STP  | solid
melting point | 650 °C (rank: 66th)
boiling point | 1090 °C (rank: 68th)
(properties at standard conditions) 122 more words