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I Don't Help My Grandmother Because She's Old

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit now, you’ll know that I love to tell about my Babcia, partly because I adore her, and partly because she’s hilarious.   308 more words


Home Remedies for Pyorrhoea Treatment

This article is about home remedies for Pyorrhoea treatment. Pyorrhoea, also known as periodontitis, is a gum problem. The problem begins with the growth of bacteria in the mouth. 26 more words


Regular Check-Ups Help Deal With The Pain of Wisdom Teeth In Hollywood FL

There is a worldwide movement by the dentists to bring about more awareness about general dental health, and it’s care. The idea is to lead people to preventive methods rather than engage only in the treatment plans. 452 more words

Flossing Better

This may seem like a weird topic for my blog, but it’s at the forefront of my mind today. Just about everyone is aware that proper flossing is something that should be done daily, but if anyone is like me, it may not always rank as one of those things that must be done on a daily basis — at least until now for me, that is. 264 more words

About Dr. Kazmer

Dr. Kazmer has frequently been described as a periodontist in this blog, but little other information has been provided about him. Keep scrolling to learn a little bit more about the doctor behind the dentist’s mask. 218 more words


Tips To Help You Find The Most Suitable Periodontist In The Woodlands TX

If you are in search of a reliable periodontist in The Woodlands or elsewhere, chances are that you already know exactly what this dental expert does and how he differs from a general dentist. 427 more words

Periodontal Disease

Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery To Improve Your Smile

Teeth can get damaged at an early age if proper care isn’t taken or with age automatically. However, if in case you happen to lose teeth in an accident or because of any oral disease, you must consider the option of replacing it. 459 more words