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Denist Vs. the Gyno

Every woman dreads going to her Yearly visit no doubt about it.  Once I had children, airing my Hoo Hah to the Gyno has become less intimidating.  605 more words

Secret Behind The Popularity of Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale

In the recent times, the perfect dental implants Fort Lauderdale FL has higher and better success rate than the other replacement devices. It is a fact that the appliances that are non-removable are gaining in popularity and preponderance over those that are removable. 437 more words

Ditch the Toothpaste

I am not the first to say it and hopefully not the last either but maybe if it is said enough times everyone will transition away from it. 1,109 more words

When Is It Right To Get Dental Implants In Miami?

If you have lost a tooth or teeth and are self-conscious about it, there are many options. If the thought of wearing the dentures proves to be uncomfortable or you do not want the rest of the natural teeth to be compromised, then the  437 more words

Etiquette Lesson

I’m going to sound like an even bigger old fart than usual but are people being taught manners these days or is basic etiquette going the way of the Dodo? 423 more words