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Perioccular Dermatitis, Rosacea, and Wrinkles

If you hum it to the tune of Scarborough Fair it sounds even bleaker.

Maybe you are living my story too.

A little about me; 523 more words


I will start a blog.
It will contain things I cannot post on Facebook.

I’m not an entirely lovely person.
(I’m sure this is why I’ve got perioral dermatitis) 713 more words


Rosaliac AR Intense: Serum wonder for sensitive skin. 

If you read this blog, you’ve learned that my skin can be cray-cray. I have finally found a skincare regimen, and my skin has improved dramatically. 365 more words

Update - Day 3

Perioral Dermatitis – Natural Cure DAY THREE (afternoon)

Ok, so it is now day 3 in the afternoon. I thought I’d share a progress shot from this morning, as I am amazed at the difference in just a matter of hours. 87 more words

Apple Cider Vinegar

Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis is a bitch.

It can appear around the mouth, nose and/or eyes.
Luckily, I’ve only had it around my nose.
I am still struggling with it, but it seems to be under control and may even be slowly going away (I hope). 595 more words

La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen. 

I’m confused. I’ve worn sunblock today from 8:30AM into this evening, and my skin is clear. There are no bumps, rashes, or cysts. My skin is the same way I found it pre-sunblock application. 432 more words

The devil in disguise...perioral dermatitis

I believe the subject of this post speaks for itself. If you have this skin condition I’m sure you agree. I have been suffering from this horrible,terrible,traumatizing skin disorder called perioral dermatitis for the past five months. 675 more words