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The path I have chosen is paved with books.

Civilisation20: The amazing Aristotle

Welcome to the ‘Civilisation’ blog series. This is my attempt to categorise some of history’s most famous (and infamous) names. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s silly. 515 more words

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Groom of the King's Close Stool

My throat, grimy as the 101,
every day I swallow every car
on this grimy expressway
heading home,
step over the grime and dirt
of my carpet floor. 253 more words

Angel Uriel Perales

Learning to play the Clarinet

This term in Willow Class we are very lucky to have the musical expertise of Mrs Palmer. Today we started to learn the clarinet in C (a brand new experience for Mr Brown too!) which went very well. 8 more words


Using recordings in instrumental music teaching

I’ve just been thinking about the benefits of using recordings in instrumental music lessons.

the idea of using recordings isn’t new, but what has changed in recent years is the ease with which this can be done. 749 more words


Homes, Houses and Nomadic People - Photo Gallery.

San tribesmen sitting outside a rain shelter erected in front of a traditional straw hut.

Straw hut particular to the San people of Nambia

The vardo wagon which provided a home to a Romani individual during their life would play a large role in the funeral rites for that individual following their death, when the caravan would be burned, along with any possessions not given to the family. 377 more words

Ship full of ghosts

“It is long since I first trod the deck of this terrible ship, and the rays of my destiny are, I think gathering to a focus.

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