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On Choice

A reflection on Aristotles On the Soul

There is a significant issue that lies at the root of the monistic worldview – the question of choice. 284 more words


On Responsibility

A reflection on Aristotles Meteorology

I have in recent reflections placed myself in the camp of the monists – seeing substance as consisting of that intermixture of mind, matter and time, only appearing different to us due to our existence as a fold within the greater fabric ( 365 more words


On Substance

A reflection on Aristotles Physics

In previous reflections, I have looked at attempting to reconcile, from a metaphysical perspective, the physical world and mind ( 388 more words


On Delusion

A reflection on Aristotles Sophistical Refutations

I have attempted over several of my previous reflections to examine the difference between reality and perception – particularly from the vantage point of humans. 326 more words


On Symbols

A reflection on Aristotle’s Topics

I have previously reflected on the division between intentional and unintentional physical motion (see on Action) and have also defended my previous position on the need for investigation and learning ( 630 more words


On Action

A reflection on Aristotles Posterior Analytics

I have previously compared what I conceive as the three broad camps of metaphysicians that exist within the debate of mind and matter. 725 more words


On Investigation

A reflection on Aristotles Prior Analytics

With previous reflections I have started a trend towards attempting to describe reality in the terms of a monistic whole. 347 more words