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Aristotle's Peripatetic School

A brand new place for strolling and relaxing in the heart of town is what you’ll find in an archaeological site nestled in a wonderful park in Athens.  70 more words


Portland, Oregon

“That guy just flicked-off a puddle.”

Does anyone even remember the 2010 Winter Olympics?  Or perhaps does anyone remember when you used to call your best friend rather than text them? 573 more words


Story of the Day 01-12-16


We met while walking the trail at the Tualatin Hills Nature Center. It was a class day and there were kids everywhere, little loud 8-year olds disturbing my quiet natural commune. 161 more words


ER's Fine Tea Selections

I was going through an old pile of papers in the rear of my desk and came across the papers pictured above. About 10 years ago, ER was in my 8th grade class. 452 more words


Exposed Truth of One Peripatetic

There are various types of wanderers and nomads in this world. Some live out of one suitcase, others have a home base and travel frequently. Some plan months in advance, others don’t know where they are sleeping till the last minute. 1,421 more words


Alms and the Man-Ascetic Life-Peripatetic Sadhu

Peripatetic Sadhu.

This is as good as it gets for them. These are all his possessions. They roam from city to city getting alms by sitting outside temples. 15 more words

I can never get bored with a city


Some of my friends always say that they are bored with this city, and they want to leave to some new places. For me, I can never get bored with a city. 112 more words