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Hiatus, a pause or a gap

Health issues again. With the new to me peripheral neuropathy my feet are always cold.(is cold better than numb?) So I dug out the old bond ISM to make some looser socks than I own. 264 more words

Ad-venturing across the river - Carpe Sundiem

We settle too easily into habits and routine.  That is welcome in many ways, but sometimes I find myself a little frustrated that I don’t push the boundaries a little more and venture into new or different ground. 1,259 more words

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sending a huge thank you over to Lisa at Rebirth of Lisa for this second nomination to receive the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. 561 more words

Molecular hermeneutics and unusual sorbets: a conversation with Barbara Ehrlich

A conversation with Barbara Ehrlich on calcium signaling, interpreting Truth, and what’s wrong with green apple-wasabi sorbet.


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Key words: calcium, IP3 receptor, ryanodine receptor, polycystin-2, paramecium, molecular hermeneutics, taxol, lithium, NCS-1, peripheral neuropathy


Dirty Gene Pool

… schizophrenia, gross obesity, type II diabetes,
peripheral neuropathy, prostate cancer:

The schizophrenia: I have seen 3-D hallucinations,
aside from hearing external aural hallucinations.
It took me years of living in mental hospitals… 817 more words

Editorial Matters

You Don't Know My Pain

Every now and then I am hit with a world crushing realization.  Chronic pain is virtually invisible to everyone who doesn’t live with it.  They can’t see the pain, they can’t feel it, therefore they don’t realize how very bad and soul draining it is. 557 more words