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My Cancer Journey: Part 8: Cumulative Effects

Day 47 – Sunday

I was not well yesterday. My digestive issues (acid reflux and constipation) were the highlights of the day.  The icing on the cake, was the lack of taste buds…but that is minor compared to the rest.   1,762 more words

Give Us a Call If You’re Suffering from the Symptoms of Neuropathy!

Today we gonna talk about Neuropathy, Neuropathy affects over 20 million Americans or 1 every 15 people.

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Week 3 of my 6 Week Gabapentin Trial

At my last pain management appointment I was given gabapentin to trial over 6 weeks starting with 1 x 300mg a day & increasing by one 300mg tablet every Tuesday starting with 10pm then 10pm & 8am and now I am taking them at 2pm aswell. 304 more words


Maryland Health Center FAQ for Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Wander and Mila of Maryland Health Center Tackles the Frequently Asked Questions about Peripheral Neuropathy

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At a loss for words... but not that one.

Lets fucking hope not.

After much deliberation as to which anticonvulsant I’d be trying for the neuropathic type pain going on I settled on Topamax. Not because it’s list of side effects are any shorter or sweeter than other options but because of the lesser occurrences of  anxiety related ones (we all remember how the amatryptaline attempt turned out) and the added bonus of migraine prevention being a main use for the drug. 419 more words

Chronic Illness

FQ Toxicity Featured in The Healing Pain Summit

I had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS, for the Healing Pain Summit. In our interview, we discussed how fluoroquinolones can cause chronic pain and disability. 507 more words

Taking Responsibility For Our Own Health...even small changes in our diet could make a big difference to how we feel. Do you eat enough fruit?


I am really trying to improve my diet and see if I can start to feel better.  Nothing that I do seems to make any difference, but I am not giving in!   420 more words