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Chemo 7 is now a thing of the past (Thank God!).

I saw my consultant prior to this treatment as 7 marks the start of cycle 4. 223 more words

Having a Treacle Day Today

Hello Friends, thanks for stopping by.  I just feel like yuck today.  I’m sure you don’t really want to know that, or are even mildly interested. 520 more words

Chronic Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy Flashbacks

Peripheral Neuropathy is a common side effect of the taxane based chemotherapy regimes – numbness and tingling of fingers and toes that usually extends further with each cycle, but in most cases the issue remains mild and transient. 351 more words

Broken Toes

Juvenile Arthritis

“My child has arthritis? Isn’t that an old person’s disease?” Many people do not think that arthritis can occur in children and so many children experience pain for months or years before the diagnosis of arthritis is made and treatment begun.

472 more words

From Booty to Family Drama

This week was a bit of a stinker, but I’ll save most of my complaints for later.  I broke out my mega-giant pill planner (each section can hold 12 prenatal vitamins, x4 compartments for each day) with the hope that I’d start taking my supplements again, yet when I look at the quantity of what I’d be taking each day if I were to include all of the supplements I took before my stomach went rogue, I don’t know that there’s actually enough room in my stomach!   552 more words

The Kitchen Curse

Husband dude actually got home on time yesterday evening.  He has been staying at work a good three to four hours past quitting time as they work out the kinks in the new Radiology department.   356 more words

Lost in a Thousand Different Directions

I wrote this several years ago and had forgotten all about it but rediscovered it last night and thought I would share it as I am sure that many feel the same way. 365 more words