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U.S. Air Force Medical Wing publishes story about their success with Calmare scrambler therapy

To be honest, we’ve lost count of how many U.S. Military hospitals are using the Calmare Pain Therapy device as a drug-free treatment to lessen or eliminate several types of chronic pain–from combat injuries or as a result of diagnosed medical conditions. 153 more words

Calmare Pain Treatment Therapy


We all experienced a mix of rain and sun here in Portland, Oregon, but my rain was a tempest of illnesses that hit all at once. 895 more words

Why Does My Body Betray Me?

The telling, painful signs of peripheral neuropathy

At least once, most people wake up with a deadened hand after sleeping on one arm or frozen feet after sitting with crossed legs for a long time. 332 more words

Chiropractic Care

Daily Health Tips: Diabetic With Peripheral Neuropathy...Where Do I Start?!

Q: Good Morning Dr.
My problem and concerns are as follow
1) I’m a diabetic and eating right/losing weight is a major,major downfall 4 me. 634 more words

It Gets Better

I gave up feeling sorry for myself for Lent, but does that mean I can not vent?

I have developed peripheral neuropathy.  My hands and feet are either numb, cold, and tingly or they burn like fire.   543 more words

Managing Bipolar Disorder

Hiatus, a pause or a gap

Health issues again. With the new to me peripheral neuropathy my feet are always cold.(is cold better than numb?) So I dug out the old bond ISM to make some looser socks than I own. 264 more words

Ad-venturing across the river - Carpe Sundiem

We settle too easily into habits and routine.  That is welcome in many ways, but sometimes I find myself a little frustrated that I don’t push the boundaries a little more and venture into new or different ground. 1,259 more words