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Colds & Overcoats

The time has come for colds….and overcoats. 

The green leaves are all changing color. But my eyes….my green eyes are staying the same. Full of tears and lacking luster. 45 more words

We All Got Wood and Nails....

It’s like I’ve nailed myself up….Put baby in the corner….Am on trial for my sins. The only problem is the prosecutor and the defense are the same person. 111 more words

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Six years ago, my then Seventeen year old self wrote an essay about a film to get into college. I am just now rereading it at the age of twenty-three (Sept. 467 more words

Top 5 Tips to Eat so Your Body Heals

The food that you feed your body can help or hinder your body’s ability to heal.  Eating large amounts of sugar or carbs can lead to inflammation throughout your body.   410 more words


SPM Active- Omega 3 PLUS

Specialized Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators (SPM’s), reduce chronic inflammation by bringing the process to resolution.

We have always told our patients that Omega-3’s are excellent in reducing inflammation in the body, but what has come to light is that they do a great job in a HEALTHY body, that is capable of resolving the natural, healing response that causes the initial inflammation. 157 more words

A New Way Of Aging


What’s happening at the health depot? The train hasn’t arrived yet.

I successfully made it through my three loading doses of Entyvio, which I already seem to be responding favorably to, and to that I say, it’s about time. 510 more words


Peripheral Neuropathy and Your Diet with a Neuropathy Chiropractor in Las Vegas

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage in the extremities. It can cause pain and numbness and a variety of other symptoms, like tingling or throbbing in the hands and feet. 318 more words