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#3 Tres. Some silent leaves

Halloo I’m writer Tres.

Let me start with my daily contemplation. Choices.

I’m not sure of many things.

I wake up most morning doubtful of the path I am taking and full of fear of the unknown future.   512 more words


Parallelization and CPU Cache Overflow

In the post Rewriting Perl to plain C the runtime of the serial runs were reported. As expected the C program was a lot faster than the Perl script. 833 more words


An Introduction to Text File Munging with Perl

If you’ve gotten interested in picking up a programming language, Perl (and to be clear, we’ll be talking about Perl 5 here) is unlikely to be at the top of your list. 1,510 more words

Digital Humanities

Strawberry Perl, DBD::Oracle module and Oracle Instant Client 12.2

I’ve been quiet for a long time, but now I ran into something I thought might be worth writing.

Recently I had to update 64-bit Strawberry Perl with newest DBD::Oracle module and newest Oracle Instant Client 12.2. 178 more words


Rewriting Perl to plain C

Perl script was running too slow. Rewriting it in C made it 20 times faster.

1. Problem statement. Analyze call-tree dependency in COBOL programs. There are 77 million lines of COBOL code in ca. 1,436 more words


Red Marker: PERL docs

I’ve gone on record a few times that I wish I could go all red marker on poorly written online programming documentation — and by that I mean take a red marker and cross out all the unnecessary superlatives and circle all the vague statements and write big red question marks over them. 383 more words

Red Marker