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Perl - 'the duct tape of the internet'

Recent article on techworld about how the Perl scripting language will not die despite being 28 odd years old and having been referred to as ‘legacy code’ for nearly half that time!. 56 more words


Trend analysis at the shallow end of the pool

“I have always wondered why some people feel Perl has to suck for their choice of language to be valid. It looks like there are a bunch of people who just try to satisfy their need for approval by seeking what’s most popular, and trying to hitch their wagon to that train. 37 more words


Visualizing Data like a Boss

As much as I love raw – unadulterated – hardcore data, sometimes viewing this in mass can be intimidating. The 40 minute grep sessions; although really great at increasing patience – suck utter nuts… Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just throw some regular expressions at some data, and get something visual back to help us sort through the chaff? 135 more words


Another note to my future self on DBIx::Class

I’ve been writing a lot of javascript, and I really like node.js. I like lots of languages, but I find that node.js tends to work how I expect. 1,046 more words

Performance improvement for 'cme check dpkg'


Thanks to Devel::NYTProf, I’ve realized that Module::CoreList was used in a not optimal way (to say the least) in Config::Model::Dpkg::Dependency when checking the dependency between Perl packages. 136 more words


Trying to install Storage Foundation Basic on CentOS? It doesn't work

Running Storage Foundation Basic installer was giving me an error message saying perl was not found

root@centos6veritas:/tmp/veritas/dvd3-sfbasic/rhel6_x86_64# ./installer
Error: Cannot find perl to execute ./installer…

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