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Extracting Sequences from a Fasta using ID list

I often have to extract specific Sequences from big fasta. I found this nice script here and with some slight modification you can also use it for other file types. 94 more words


10 Programming Languages of 2017


Programming can be a scary concept to some, but it shouldn’t be. I have listed out 10 languages used in 2017 and tried to offer some perspective on them. 1,453 more words


Introducing Log::ger

Yesterday more or less completed the migration of my CPAN modules from using Log::Any to Log::ger. Sorry for the noise in the releases news channels due to the high number of my CPAN modules (particularly to… 697 more words


csv-grep (and App::CSVUtils)

Today I decided to add csv-grep to App::CSVUtils, as an alternative to NEILB's csvgrep (which Neil announced about a week ago). I find csvgrep too simplistic for my taste or future needs. 179 more words


/// interpreter, commented

Interpreter found here. I have never written nor read a single line of perl before today. I thoroughly regret breaking that record, and this was the result. 206 more words


List of new CPAN distributions - Jun 2017.html

dist author version abstract Acme-Globus JACOBY 0.001 Interface to the Globus research data sharing service Acme-OCEORA-Utils OCEORA 0.01 The great new Acme::OCEORA::Utils! Algorithm-History-Levels PERLANCAR 1,292 more words