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modern perl -- 5. References: a different Object Manager (Pending)

Perl provides a mechanism by which to refer to a value without making a copy —
Reference. It is an interface to manage object and a special scalar in any way. 656 more words


Highest Demand Programming Languages in March 2015

A question that I hear frequently is: “Which programming language (or languages) should I learn? Usually the person asking is a student and what they really mean is, “What programming language will get me a job?!” My usual answer is that it’s more important to focus on learning concepts (like: inheritance, composition, polymorphism, data structures, design patterns, etc.) because these are pretty much the same regardless of language. 501 more words


The Pi 2 Means Faster GPIO

The Raspberry Pi is a great machine to learn the ins and outs of blinking pins, but for doing anything that requires blinking pins fast… 149 more words

Raspberry Pi

PhishCheck - WHOIS domain lookup in Perl

Phishing often relies on the victim to click on a malicious link – usually being disguised as a legitimate service or website. The following perl script iterates through the given domain and checks if permutations have been registered. 225 more words


modern perl -- 1. Statement Context, Data Container and Implicit Ideas

1. Context for Evaluation of Statement

1.1 Amount Context

The number of items you get determines how many you get.


Twitter Mass Unfollower in Perl

Sometimes automated tests can cause you to add many unwanted twitter accounts – (yes I’m looking at you spam and porn); Also, twitter has a follow limit based on a whole plethora of metrics. 188 more words


Hi All after a long break though.

Beginning with some perl related stuff, here is the tutorial on how to make http requests like GET, POST along with http headers. 406 more words