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Design choices for my website, and progress report on learning stuff

I am only an amature “web devloper,” though I hesitate to even use that word since I know HTML, CSS, and only some Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. 251 more words


read o/p of system command into a variable

  • my $op = readpipe(“fdisk -l”);
  • my $op = `fdisk -l`
  • open($op, “-|”, “fdisk -l”)
  • open($fh, “-|”, “fdisk -l”)
  •  “-|” –> read from process
  • “|-” –> write to process

Syllabus: Day 9 — May 20, 2016 — After Unix

Back to programming. After Unix (I will return at some point and post some exercises and general information about how to progress in Unix) you should pick up other languages. 269 more words

Perl 5.24 on a stick

I just upgraded my Perl thumb drive to Strawberry Perl!

I simply reformatted it and unzipped the new one onto it

cd /media/tim/Strawberry
unzip ~/Downloads/strawberry-perl-
71 more words

Emulating Web Browsers

Here’s a tedious task for you to consider. When you log-in to your favorite website these days, you’re creating a JSON document and posting it to the service you’re logging into. 108 more words

animated gif from imagemagick

put the list of files into a file

ls -1 foo*.jpg > /var/tmp/jpglist

rename randomly named files in numerical order

cat /var/tmp/jpglist|perl -e'$i=1;while ($name=) { chomp $name;$new="week" . 98 more words

Perl - Subroutine:

sub name(parameters) {
Calling Sub routines:
sub sub_name {
if only sub_name is given then it throws error as bare word. 96 more words