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[Perl] autovivification

perl에서는 autovivification 이라는 강력하고 어찌보면 생소할 수 있는 기능이 있다.

autovivification 이란?

깊은 깊이를 갖는 자료구조에서(deep data structure), 선언과 초기화에 필요한 장황한 코드를 사용하지 않고도 초기화를 진행해 주는 기능이다. 371 more words


SNMP Poller tool to monitor any thing on network

Few years ago, I had created one SNMP Poller tool using perl and snmp utilites that can poll OID informations from any network devices, which is kind of passive monitoring mechanism. 32 more words


How to normalise strings, and a new command tool to help

One way to work around potential problems with the normalisation of Unicode strings – as are likely to occur when working with APFS volumes – is to take charge of the process yourself. 529 more words


Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout box Version 3. (updated 20170406)

Well it has been far to long since I wrote anything. This is a project I did back in November of 2016, so it isn’t too far in the Wayback Machine. 3,971 more words


ProCodeCG codeMeetUp #101 - Pawitra Studio - Python 101 - 3 April 2017

Python 101 was the topic for today’s codeMeetUp() :)

People should be aware of ProCodeCG Coding Mom because they’re learning everyday :)

Today the audience were all from Coding Mom :) 90 more words


Optical Satellite Imagery

In this post we describe how the principal components transformation operates and how it is applied to analyze a satellite image.

via Elementary analysis of optical satellite imagery using principal components transformation — Scientia Plus Conscientia