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General status- and CPU-temperature-check-code for much data (perl)

I’m recently playing around with prime numbers a lot. Whenever I want to test if something is true for, let’s say the first n primes, I write a small perl-script that goes through the first n primes and checks my ideas. 1,042 more words


Displaying network addresses and netmasks

While trying to sort out a couple of subnets the other day I remembered that there is a handy perl script that does a nice job of displaying the characteristics of a particular network – to install it you need to start by logging in as a superuser. 553 more words


Variable Usage in FileHandle (Perl)

##Using Array

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
my @fhs;
	open $fh, $_ or die $!;
	push @fhs, $fh;
foreach my $fh (@fhs){
	my $text = readline($fh);

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Anatomy of the heart

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

     my$f=           $[;my
   $ch=0;sub       l{length}
 sub r{join"",   reverse split
("",$_[$[])}sub ss{substr($_[0]
,$_[1],$_[2])}sub be{$_=$_[0];p
    "naxfcixz");$_=$q; $q=~
            ;sub p{

       be $mine for @ever
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DB query dump from command line

I found this worked well for an AWS Oracle RDS instance. I ran the tcpdump from the linux instances connecting to the db…

tcpdump tcp port 1521 -s 0 -l -w -  | strings | perl -e '
while(<>) { chomp; next if /^[^ ]+[ ]*$/;
    if (defined $q) { print "$q\n"; }
  } else {
    $_ =~ s/^[ \t]+//; $q.=" $_";

Perl and OpenGL on Ubuntu

Want to write a Perl program that uses OpenGL for graphical output?  Running Ubuntu?  Can’t work out how to install what you need to get even a basic program working?  943 more words


Data Analyst, Consumers, Google Technical Services - Google - 2930 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301 - Google Careers

Data Analyst, Consumers, Google Technical Services


Technical Solutions

Boulder, CO, United States


The Google Technical Services Consumers team is on a mission to delight the hundreds of millions of consumers who rely on our flagship products like Gmail, Android, Chrome and Google Play. 505 more words