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Dynamic Repricing with Perl, WooCommerce and Bizowie

Around the time I hit 4,000 SKUs, I realized that we were leaving money on the table with slow-moving products. Pricing down slow movers would help liquidate the inventory faster, but I didn’t much feel modifying items manually every day. 397 more words


New Ham::Resources:Utils release 0.05

The new release of Ham::Reousrces::Utils is here.

In this version I have increased the Maidenhead locator precision to 8-digit: 50 more words


Finished up Euler #2 in ???

In all seven languages in one night! Hell yeah! I still don’t have enough data in Gitlab to start crutching some analytics though. 37 more words


Logitech Media Server Autoplay Plugin

This is my own implementation of an autoplay plugin – based on the WaveInput plugin – for the squeezebox (LMS) software, written using literate programming so it’s easy to publish. 1,324 more words


Matching several things (in no particular order) using a single regex

Matching several things using a regex is pretty straightforward:


This also implies the order of the things. If you want to require that foo, bar, baz all exist but in no particular order, you can use lookahead and lookbehind (explained in great detail in this… 341 more words


Finished up Euler #1 for three Ps

That is PHP, Python, and Perl. Turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. Of course these are just simple iteration loops over number ranges and some basic math. 38 more words

Easy Stuff

happy bmo push day - mojolicious edition

As previously announced at FOSDEM 2018 and then re-announced at MojoConf, bugzilla.mozilla.org is now running on Mojolicious “A next generation web framework for the Perl programming language” 354 more words