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happy bmo push day!

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the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:


New Software::LicenseMoreUtils Perl module


Debian project has rather strict requirements regarding package license. One of these requirements is to provide a copyright file mentioning the license of the files included in a Debian package. 182 more words


Announcing flycheck-pod.el, Flycheck support for Perl 5 POD files

Recently I was writing some Plain Old Documentation (aka POD) for one of my Perl modules, and I thought it would be convenient to have… 73 more words


Risk Prevention for Freelancers

Freelancing is growing as an employment option exponentially, with many professionals deciding to be their own boss.

While this option gives you the freedom to work as you please and hace complete control, it also comes with a lot of extra baggage and obligations that you would not have working as an employee for a company. 194 more words


Preventive HealthCare at Work.

Or How to fight sickness before it attacks.

Preventive healthcare is the idea that, taking some precautions and monitoring one’s health, we an avoid injury or illness that can lead to more serious problems further down the line. 481 more words


Does Your Company Care About You?

Keeping employees healthy and productive is a challenging task for many companies:

Not all of them have access to the information or resources needed, although it is still their duty to provide, as best as possible, for a healthy environment where employees are safe, healthy and happy. 288 more words