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Por qué no Python?

Es la tercera o cuarta vez que intento leer El Lenguaje de Programación C++ del maestro Bjarne Stroustrup. ¡Todo está conectado! Pues Sam Bigotes, el vendedor de libros, es ahora mi vecino -donde estuvo la Librería Científica es ahora una carpintería-, a la vuelta de El Jilton. 283 more words


Perl6 is now up to date on Debian sid


Thanks to the help of Daniel Dehennin and Paul Cochrane, The rakudo implementation of Perl 6  is now up to date on Debian/sid.

Unlike previous version, Perl 6 on Debian uses… 24 more words


Pattern matching with regular expressions: a quick reminder

Pattern matching is a powerful for developers, but it can be a daunting task to write (or read) a regular expression.
This quick reminder gives you the bare necessities to tackle regular expressions, if you’ve dabbled with regexp a bit but can’t remember it all. 522 more words


Using SOAP to copy data between instances

There are lots of ways to move data between two ServiceNow instances. This blog post examines using an external script (written in Perl) and the SOAP API. 589 more words


A White Hat Virus for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is going gangbusters, despite no one knowing exactly what it will be used for. There’s more marketing money being thrown at IoT paraphernalia than a new soda from Pepsi. 365 more words


Extracting reads from bam files for a particular region in Perl

In perl, you can use the module Bio::DB::Sam to extract reads from an indexed bam file.

.bam and .bam.bai has to be in the same directory. 176 more words