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PHP and the Gem Within

Ubiquitous and lithe, little characters, popping up anywhere from user-defined functions to control structures and class definitions, PHP’s curly braces depending on circumstances may exhibit a distinctly Perlish quality. 1,171 more words


List of new CPAN distributions - Oct 2017

dist author version abstract ALBD HENRYST 0.01 a perl implementation of Literature Based Discovery Acme-ID-CompanyName PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate nice-sounding, generic Indonesian company names Acme-Math-Josan MUTO… 932 more words

Perl Line-by-Line Read


For the simple case of iterating over the lines of a file you can do:

open(my $fh, '<', 'foobar.txt')
    || die "Could not open file: $!";
while (<$fh>) 
{ # each line is stored in $_, with terminating newline
  # chomp, short for chomp($_), removes the terminating newline
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MySQL Enterprise Audit - parsing audit information from log files, inserting into MySQL table via LOAD DATA INFILE and Perl script

The MySQL Enterprise Audit plug-in is part of the MySQL Enterprise Edition (available through a paid license). Basically, Enterprise Audit tracks everything that is happening on your MySQL server, and can be used to protect/detect the misuse of information, and to meet popular compliance regulations including… 2,671 more words


Software Development Engineer

Location: Krakow

Who You Are

Minimum Qualifications

  • Degree in Computer Science or related degree/qualification
  • Experience in Unix/Linux to a system administrator level
  • Experience in Networking at a system administrator level…
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LDAP Tutorial (2)

Security Policy

We are going to build an Access Control Policy (ACP a.k.a. ACL) based on Corporate Policy which states:

  1. The directory entry owner is able to see and update ALL the directory attributes including passwords.
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