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Its all starts with the genius of all time Albert Einstein’s very famous formulae.

Below is a perl script sample that calculates the energy in Jules. 109 more words


Manage PERL Repository

For a PERL programmer, it is very important to understand and know what is the meaning of REPOSITORY. Repository is a storage that contains PERL modules, where developer can link their PPM (Programmer’s Package Manager) to those online repositories to installpotential available modules for their system development. 159 more words


Source Code for the Holmes Basic Character Generator

Robert Weber asked me on G+ if the Holmes character generator ran offllne. As a web-application no, but as a perl script, yes. I just… 165 more words

Random Generators

C++ vs. Python vs. Perl vs. PHP performance benchmark (2016)

The benchmarks here do not try to be complete, as they are showing the performance of the languages in one aspect, and mainly: loops, dynamic arrays with numbers, basic math operations… 246 more words



Arrays are special variables which can hold more than one value using the same variable, using an index. Arrays are defined in a very straightforward syntax: 130 more words



Defining strings

Strings in C are actually arrays of characters. Although pointers in C is in advanced subject explained later on, we will use pointers to a character array to define simple strings, in the following manner: 329 more words


For loops and While loop

Hey! Everyone in my last blog I explained,The basic c programing.today we will move to our 2nd step.
1. For loops

For loops in C are straightforward. 339 more words