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(Torren & VPN) && || ipleak ,protect yourself

This is simple script for protect yourself when you vpn connection fails.

Idea for script is simple kill torrent client when vpn not work . 165 more words


SAX parsing in Perl

  there is an example of sax parsing in CVS: perl_examples/sax_parsing

Perl arrays

Perl Arrays:

An array is a variable that stores list of scalar variables. Array variables have ‘@’ prefixed before the variable name. You can have @name and $name in the same program and perl wouldn’t get confused, but it’s not advisable to do so. 419 more words

Perl Assignment.

This is the first assignment that  I have have attempted:

The question was:

Given Accession Number: 1SV3

Download the protein sequence from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/guide/proteins/

Save it in… 330 more words


Converting JSON to XML : A Gateway to Cygwin

Of the files I have to deal with on a weekly basis, I’d put the breakdown at 50% Excel, 40% CSV, and 10% XML. This is fine, I can reliably transfer data from those files into SQL Server without too many tears. 594 more words


Perl Get Active Queue Size - NetXMS scripts

The following Perl script gets the size of the Postfix Active queue and outputs it.
(Used for queue monitoring on our NMS via SSH sensors, but might be useful in your environment) 96 more words