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vim plugin by writing in perl

If you are a vim user, did you ever considered to write a vim plugin on your own? I did, and I am very happy that a unit test “hello world” vim plugin works! 171 more words


Setting up

Aye so here we are. Ready to start learning the ninjaness of programming. Before you get started on programming you’ll need a program to program in. 203 more words


Nit one

In my day job, parting the mists of time to predict the future, it is often useful to know what is happening now (or has been happening recently).   773 more words

Clone or Install the Perl modules from one machine to another

Developers or system integrators install lot of Perl modules on their machines when they wanted to try with some applications or modules or APIs. But when they wanted to use the same installed modules to some other servers/machines they need to do the same exercise again on the other machines. 72 more words



Check out IGUANALAND! Register for an account, log in, add friends, and post messages with Iguanas and Iguana lovers.

(Disclaimer: Most of the content on IGUANALAND is satire.) 408 more words


Downloading MODIS data with WebService::MODIS

For teaching at the University of Frankfurt about “Remote sensing in global ecology” with R together with a collegue we need a lot of different… 936 more words


Hack finder commands

There was a hack once where perl scripts are injected via a domain file to servers /tmp folder. here are the below commands I have worked out. 309 more words