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Passap E6000 Scarf using Technique 155

I said I would like a scarf using technique 155 and decided to try it. I liked the yarn I was using for scrap on my samples and looked to see what it was. 247 more words

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Passap Sharp Point Edging

This edging is called Sharp Point. The top sample is the edging and then double bed knitting. The bottom one is the edging and single bed knitting. 71 more words

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Knitted Crochet Edging #2 on the Passap Machine

Okay everyone, I reknitted  the first crochet edge in this first picture  and it looks like the picture in the book. I first tried an 8/2 cotton and the yarn broke either because the yarn is weak and old or the tension was too tight. 217 more words

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Potato Chip Scarf "Short and Curly"

I made this scarf using the same method for the previous black scarf but only cast on six stitches and only knitted two rows with the second yarn Perla. 28 more words

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Dog Scarf Knitted on the Passap-Dog's Rule

This is the dog’s version of the scarf I did with the cat. I guess for every cat lover there is a dog lover. I have both and in our house, the dog rules even though he came after the cat. 120 more words

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Transfer Lace Edgings on the Passap or any machine

This is a hand transferred lace edging done on the passap machine. It can be done on any machine this way. This technique is in a Duet International book No.12, September of 1992. 99 more words

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More Passap Lacey Designs Using U100

These are designs for lacey patterns in passap book using U100 to transfer stitches from fb to bb.  From left to right they are patterns 1012, 1015, 1018, 1022, and 1155. 8 more words

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