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Pernah Atau Tidak DAP Menghormati Rukun Negara? Jika Dilihat Dari Perbuatan Mereka

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DAP mempersoal tindakan Kerajaan Persekutuan menghentikan cetakan buku aktiviti bagi tahun satu hingga tiga sekolah rendah yang diberi secara percuma kononnya kerana mahu mengoptimumkan perbelanjaan bagi menghadapi ekonomi semasa.- Roketkini

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Declaration on Transparent and Accountable Political Funding as the Underlying Framework to Eliminate Corruption and Promote Clean Governance 10 September, 2015

Context of Statement: The Problem & Our Concerns

  1. Prime Minister Najib Razak has acknowledged the existence of donations from foreign sources to run elections. His statement confirms two issues that have long been viewed as controversial aspects of the financing of Malaysian politics:
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Devolution of powers by Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff bin Mohd Kassim

Dear Editor
I am delighted to hear from your reports that the Prime Minister is interested in seeing the devolution of powers to Sabah and Sarawak to be expedited , which hopefully will mean more autonomy to the two states to govern their own affairs . 1,200 more words

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Malay groups do not support rally planned by Red Shirts

IT can perhaps be said that Bersih 4 marked a historical milestone in the political maturity of Malaysians. Along with the massive turn-out, the rally was peaceful, culminating in the Merdeka Eve celebrations. 1,027 more words

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G25 Statement on Corruption

The G25 supports the recent statement made by the Perlis Mufti, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, that a person who holds a position of authority may not accept a gift or donation if it is of extraordinary value and it would not have been given if the recipient was not in that position, as it could influence his actions in a manner detrimental to the greater good or prevent him from fulfilling a trust placed on him. 496 more words

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