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Stories Heard and Told

Why does stepping into another’s well-told story
fade away my own?
Until I glance away from screen
or page
or exterior speaking voice?

What if my unmediated life, 106 more words

An Even Better Deal

Dear Democratic National Committee:

Thanks so much for your best wishes
for our national EarthBound futures,
and those of future healthy generations.

A Better Deal… 76 more words


are ruled by prevailing polycultures,
unusually fertile margins between two bioregions,
like a continental-ocean shoreline
or a clear blue lakeshore
poised above green grassy plains… 350 more words

Trump Speaks Wolf, Wolf!

I don’t want Aliens
buying U.S. business,
but please stand back
while I buy up all your cheapest busyness
for International Made In America Trumpism. 97 more words

Processes in Permaculture - from 3D to 4D designing

Some chimpanzees have created a toolbox of 4 different tools to get honey. One to open the hive, one to enlarge the hole and two different spoons to access the honey. 212 more words

Permaculture Design

Domestic Help

Let us,
for a heuristic historical moment,
create mental feeling embodied space,
for domestication as value neutral,
neither inherently good nor bad,
but more of a gradual evolutionary process… 450 more words

Healthy Love

Do you think love is healthy?

I suppose more therapeutic than its opposites,
whether hate,
or fear
or anger
or greed,
for is not love the formed functions of gratitude? 325 more words