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10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

If you have never planted before, starting a garden can be a little daunting.  But the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zones are plenty.  859 more words


The 10 R’s of Sustainable Living

Exciting times ahead. Climate change is now a part of the mainstream media. Environmental groups agree, it’s now or never!  And there’s thousands of people ready to change their mindset to become more sustainable. 1,138 more words


What we're growing this year!

Hello friends! Welcome back 🖤

I apologize for my absence last week. David and I were both down with the flu. Now that I’m better, It’s back to business! 412 more words

How to make beeswax wraps

My love affair with bees started when some bees decided to come and live in my house. I let them be, just observing that I didn’t make any sudden movements close to the small entry and exit point of the hive.   768 more words


The Living Sofa Project

The Living Sofa Project makes everyone smile. It began with a simple phrase “Everything will garden in the end. So why wait for the end? Garden everything!” 456 more words


Our inspiration in Brazil - Ecocentro IPEC

Ecocentro IPEC is an ecological centre that is snuggled in the valley of Mar de Guerra in Pirenopolis, Goais, the savannah of Brazil. It’s one of a kind. 645 more words


Stop Adani - Take it personally!

What a surprising Easter Sunday listening to Enviro Rock Star, Bob Brown talk about his mission in the Stop Adani Convoy. His love and passion for keeping Australia green is contagious. 796 more words