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if not now, when?
if not who, us?
if not where, here?


Beyond technological morality and the tip of the iceberg, part two

Part Two of a two part series exploring the human relationship with technology.

From moral dualism to contextual ethics

In part one, I introduced the concept of vulnerabilities, the hackers who try to understand them, and the economic and social context in which those hackers operate. 5,448 more words

Unsolicited Commentary

Making Eco bricks

For most of the lower grade plastics we use, there is no market to recycle, meaning that they are currently being sent to landfill.  So it’s up to each individual to start taking responsibility for there own trash. 83 more words


Why fear wins elections

It’s the day after the Federal election in Australia. It’s the same year that school children have taken to the streets to protest inaction on climate change and the United Nations report on extinction advised that over one million species are now at risk, with many of them likely to disappear within decades. 2,015 more words


What to do with your soft plastics?

Stop for a moment and imagine if the rubbish you create was banned from going to the landfill! This may be the future as more and more countries are refusing to take on our rubbish. 671 more words

Sustainable Living

A little piece of Heaven

Last Sunday morning found me driving through the back lanes of North Pembrokeshire. The sky was that perfect blue you only get on a May Morning, the Hawthorn was starting to flower in the hedgerows and the verges were thick with wild flowers. 507 more words