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An Epic Life

Nicholas Dieringer is an entertainer mainly known as Livin’ Loud Nicky in show business. A successful male actor with unique talent. Livin’ LOud Nicky is known for his roles in movies like, “Heist”, “Witch”, “Into The Storm” The Haunting Of Alice D” and more. 955 more words

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Procrastination at its finest

I had the best intentions, get into work early, check emails, write out my to do list, list jobs  in order of priority then actually do some work, but as usual I got lost in my own brain, day dreaming about anything other than work. 359 more words


Lets start from today

Mornings are hard and today started unusually early. Russy boy (6 month old Huntaway x) excited as ever half perched on my bed, decided crawling his way up to meet my face with his wet tongue was appropriate, and my partner (26 year old, male, human) trying his hardest not to wake me up however inivitable it was with the iPhone flash light shining in my face. 210 more words


What is the Best WordPress Permalink for Better SEO

http://i2.wp.com/www.bloggingden.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/permalink-setup-in-wordpress.jpg?fit=810%2C486 Now a days WordPress blog creation is very easy and its maintenance is very common. But if we compare with other blogging platforms (Blogger, Typepad, weebly like platforms) WordPress stands  at first position. 38 more words

No Need to Fret over Global Warming – We Will Just Evolve

January 15, 2016By the Common Constitutionalist

URL of the original posting site: http://commonconstitutionalist.com/current-events/no-need-to-fret-over-global-warming-we-will-just-evolve

“We’ve got to accelerate the transition away from dirty energy. Rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future especially in communities that rely on fossil fuels.

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