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"I like him...well, I love him..."

Both kids are feeling weird about adoption day. There have been various shenanigans and some extreme high energy from both kids. It’s clear¬†they have some emotions that they¬†are confused about. 313 more words

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At the physiatrist’s on Tuesday, C had to lie on his tummy at one point so she could check the range of motion in his legs. 137 more words

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"That's MY Mama"

C has been declaring this a lot lately. He says it anytime I come to pick him up from school, and especially if I happen to drop him off (John usually does drop-off). 139 more words

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What qualifies as good news these days

Last night we got a phone call from a friend who is a state senator. He knows and loves C and has been watching our progress toward adoption (or lack thereof) with interest. 536 more words

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Change. Change is good. I did not always think change was good.

I had the same “haircut” for many years. It was a long, thick mess of blonde waves that soon became more than just a part of me. 216 more words

A Yuletide Wish - a poem

So it’s that festive time of year
When moods are high; we’re in good cheer
A time when blessings are duly made
When dodgy songs are radio played… 242 more words