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An Apostle of Love

O’Maya the Mother of Delusion, how powerful and real-like is your witchcraft that entraps man forever in the world of relationships and objects of desire? 394 more words

If God Asked Me

Last week I wrote about the difficulty of having children who are part of your family but aren’t your children.  Today’s post is a continuation of that thought. 937 more words


Stop Asking Foster Parents These 3 Questions

It’s okay to ask questions. Most foster parents really want to be understood and like to educate others about the nature of foster care. That being said, please first consider your motivation for asking. 1,135 more words

Foster Parenting

Termination Hearing

When we received the call 18 months ago, we committed to providing a home for this little one as long as necessary.

It looks like that may mean forever. 1,031 more words


Poet as Picker

The poet is a picker
rummaging thru the barn
of a farmer too stubborn to die
his Depression expression
Fix it or do without

We pore over words… 131 more words


WORDS OF LIFE (#8) The AMEN God – ’amen (and related words ’emunah, ’aman, ’emeth)

(March 16, 2017) Dr Jim McClure, noted theologian, concludes his series on selected Hebrew words…

Camping on sand is not a good idea!  Even though a tent may be sound and the ropes strong, unless the pegs are hammered in securely, the tent will collapse and may even be blow away. 1,471 more words