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Maybe the most legendary prank in Alberta history.

Media: Permanent Marker on T-shirt. You’re welcome for the free advertising, Mountain Equipment Co-op.


This Phenakistoscope was originally designed in illustrator and then transferred to matt board after the initial design was done. Colored with the Gouache Mixing Colors, the background has a texture thatĀ brings some balanceĀ to the composition as the white space. 80 more words


February 18:

February 18: Book 4: Scared.

Quote: She was scared again.
Seems she was scared a lot these days.
Time for a deep breath and another plunge in. 19 more words

2016 Days

February 17:

February 17: Book 4: Heaven

Quote: On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it. ~ Jules Ronard.

Medium: permanent marker

2016 Days

February 16:

February 16: Book 4: Attitude

Quote: Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us. ~ John N. Mitchell.

Stupid moving and having the pages stick together.

Medium: permanent marker

2016 Days