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Day 84:

Day 84: Disney Zombie Princess.

I did this one a while ago, on a night that i couldn’t fall asleep, so i did it hunched over on my bed with a flashlight and the supplies located in my room. 31 more words



I arrived back in Malaysia. Trying to get over this awful thing called jet lag.

And realize I have an event tomorrow evening. I knew about it. 96 more words


Father Writes on Son's Jordans

Back in the day, children got “the belt” or some other kind of cruel punishment that probably wouldn’t fly these days with DYFS. Now, disciplining your child can be as simple as, well, writing on their $100-$400 pair of sneakers. 57 more words


Head colds are like Frat Bros

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick and you don’t want to go to sleep because colds always take advantage of your unconsciousness?

It’s like being at a party and it’s just you and the cold who haven’t passed out yet and you know that as soon as you do, the cold is going to draw all over you with permanent marker and it’s going to be days and days until it all comes off.


Elephants of Sri Lanka

I’ve been traveling for some weeks with a friend of mine. I did some drawing but not a whole lot as we were visiting a lot of different places with stuff to see. 80 more words