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Permanent Marker

What would you do if you survived an almost fatal car accident? Aimee, an English teacher at her old high school, is on her way home with teens from her high school’s dance team when a young man runs a stop sign and hits her on the driver’s side. 232 more words



Amras, like his twin in mood and face.


4. Frozen Creek, Dawn

This is an interpretive / impressionist sketch.  I may have adjusted the colors a bit much in Lightroom.  I did this at 6:30 a.m., barely awake, and without any light except what broke through yonder window.  34 more words


Figures and telltales: Diary drawings (3)

Whilst creating diary drawings in 2015 as part of my Shun! research and creative theme, as presented in my two previous posts, I realised that the human nature of the First World War does not differ all that much from our modern-day human nature. 18 more words

Brush And Ink