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Head colds are like Frat Bros

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick and you don’t want to go to sleep because colds always take advantage of your unconsciousness?

It’s like being at a party and it’s just you and the cold who haven’t passed out yet and you know that as soon as you do, the cold is going to draw all over you with permanent marker and it’s going to be days and days until it all comes off.


Elephants of Sri Lanka

I’ve been traveling for some weeks with a friend of mine. I did some drawing but not a whole lot as we were visiting a lot of different places with stuff to see. 80 more words



Whether you have little ones that like drawing on any surface, moving in or out of rented accommodation in need of some cleaning or even ,like me, you are a little clumsy and clothes and surfaces suffer the consequences of said clumsiness, it is always useful to know how to get remove permanent marker from just about anything. 29 more words


Al-D3r - Canon Project

This is Al-D3r, a robot fully designed to protect and serve. His heart is always shown so you can see what makes him tick also hence the clock face which tells the time of day. 141 more words

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