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Day 303:

Day 303: When a bird likes you

Both of these things, the picture and then the quote are from tumblr. The quote a person called thechroniclesofshe said. 65 more words


Day 272 & 273:

Day 272 & 273: Orange.

I wouldn’t have picked this color, Blake did. That boy that helped me out earlier, whom i help babysit. Also they are his hand prints. 29 more words


Day 252 & 253:

Day 252 & 253: Skeleton.

I really like how this one turned out.

The quote: Do not spend you life searching for a place to call home. 18 more words


Day 232:

Day 232: Pickle Terror.

Yes, you read that right: Pickle Terror.

The original picture is an advertisment in a small magazine. Maybe a Reader’s Digest? I’m not sure. 49 more words


Ink Blot Book

refurbishOnce upon a time, I decided to create a magical book that was so powerful it could organize my entire household.

I have been reading: 321 more words


How To Remove Permanent Marker From Objects

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Objects

Permanent marker is a must have when you are doing certain activities. But, it can be a real pain when it gets on things other than the paper, that new shirt, or the carpet, even your tables! 222 more words