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Figures and telltales: Diary drawings (3)

Whilst creating diary drawings in 2015 as part of my Shun! research and creative theme, as presented in my two previous posts, I realised that the human nature of the First World War does not differ all that much from our modern-day human nature. 18 more words

Brush And Ink

How to remove Golden Marker or any permanent marker

The best way to remove permanent markers is to use WD-40 or Contact Cleaner.

In my case I will use the Philips Contact Cleaner.

STEP 1. 24 more words


Deemed Possible; the running logo

“Staggering down the road, putting one foot in front of another as fast as possible.”

Its sometimes strange where you can find inspiration in life, especially for something as mundane as a logo.

BA In Visual Arts: Visual Communication Design 2009-2012

Deemed Possible; step after step

From 180 kilograms down to 75 kilograms within 9 months. You Don’t Need an Expensive Diet.

Below is the 2nd of 3 posters I created. It depicts scenery of one of my running-routes.

BA In Visual Arts: Visual Communication Design 2009-2012

Bugs in Boxes

Second grade usually does an insect unit. They learn about insects and their body parts. Every year, I do something a little different, it seems. 78 more words

Art Lessons