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Attorney, Trinidad Galdean, Speaks on Immigration Updates for a PBS Television Program

The Public Broadcast Station (“PBS”) affiliate, Smokey Hills Public Television, recently invited Attorney, Trinidad Galdean, as a speaker on immigration legal updates.  The other guests included Finney County Sherriff Kevin Bascue and El Perico Journalist, Marco Alcocer.  92 more words

Immigration: Community’s Efforts to Becoming Informed

On March 18, 2017, a community in Wichita, KS took it upon itself to become more informed about immigration.  The event was covered by the… 147 more words

Intro - Journey to Canada

My last post was about 2-3 years ago. That’s because during that time, I was busy with migration preps. I wanted to write about my journey, in hopes of helping others with theirs too, just like… 138 more words

Applying to Remove Conditions of Permanent Residency After a Divorce

When a foreign national marries an American citizen, he or she may want to apply for lawful permanent residence and eventually U.S. citizenship, with the American spouse as a sponsor. 496 more words

Immigration Law

Officially Immigrants! :)

After getting our Passport Request (PPR) last February 6, 2017 and submitting our passports on February 9, we were surprised to learn about the speedy return of our documents last Monday, February 20, 2017.  437 more words


Passport Request (PPR) :)

After a long day at work last Monday, I was half asleep in the car when my phone chirped with a notification for a new e-mail that had just come in. 325 more words


Navigating The Current Executive Order Amongst Panic & Rage

Panic and fear ripped across our country this weekend in response to President Trump’s Executive Order (EO). The purpose of this blog is to present a balanced view and response to a list of Frequently asked questions (FAQ) our U.S. 484 more words