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MR90DF--Green Card Countdown

Day 308: Aug. 17—Green Card In Production

We finally had gotten back to having work and school schedules that lined up with each other, meaning we would get to spend mornings and evenings together rather than the tumultuousness of him dropping the car off to me mid-afternoon, his taking the bus to work, him working until 2-4 in the morning and either taking a bus home or getting a ride home, and my having restless sleep until he got into bed. 753 more words


Welcome to the United States

 There’s no shortage of movies and television shows perpetuating the myth of ‘marrying for a greencard’ in the United States. But what happens when you actually meet, fall in love with, and marry an American citizen? 477 more words


Getting Used to Canada

Once you’re moved in, living in a new country can be a harrowing experience. You won’t be a permanent resident without really wanting to live here, or at least having a very good reason to – but that doesn’t make it less intimidating! 195 more words


Operation Get Ex Out of Immigration Facility

I am a tired, sweaty mess! I’ve had a busy morning getting Olivia ready for preschool and dropping her off, taking care of Vincent (he turned ten months old today!), calling immigration attorneys and two other acquaintances who might be able to help, and talking to Walter’s brother and sisters. 509 more words



Walter was detained by immigration agents this morning. Three huge guys with huge guns claimed they were looking for someone in our backyard and tricked him into stepping outside so they could detain him. 213 more words

What is the Immigration Status of a Child Born Abroad to Two Permanent Residents?

Q:  My spouse and I are both U.S. Lawful Permanent resident Green Card holders who are currently residing abroad in Canada for the next year. My wife is pregnant and we are expecting the birth in Canada by the end of the year. 256 more words


How to Move to Canada

Since Rom moved here to Canada, we are often asked about the immigration experience. He has been asked by his UK friends, “How can I get into Canada?” Since going through the process, we’ve learned a lot about immigration, and about what people think it… 1,642 more words