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Is the Permian showing signs of an Australia-style cost inflation boom?

Bottom Line:  While the signs of cost inflation in West Texas are still early stage, the precedent recently set by the megaproject cycle in Northwest Australia offers some food for thought. 850 more words

LNG Financing

$60 is the new $100...

There is a boom in oil… it’s just not in Aberdeen or Stavanger…

“$60 is like the new $100,” said Dallas Fed economist Michael Plante in a mid-April interview.

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A brave new world...

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Yet a rebound in prices, ineluctable as it may be, will not turn back the clock on the oil market.

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The New Offshore

The Reptiles that Fly

My second illustration featuring a dinosaur, this month are the ‘flying’ (gliding rather) reptiles, Coelurosauravus! Boy, that is a long name to try to pronounce. They apparantly lived during the Permian period and the earliest known vertebrate capable of flight, with their extractable wings gliding them across the skies hunting their insect food! 73 more words


Ancient reptiles detached tails to escape

This 2015 video is called Treasure Trove of Permian Fossils Discovered | Prehistoric News.

From the University of Toronto in Canada:

Ancient reptile Captorhinus could detach its tail to escape predator’s grasp…

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How much can late Permian Ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot.

A whopping two hundred and fifty-two million years ago, Earth was crawling with bizarre animals, including dinosaur cousins resembling Komodo dragons and bulky early mammal-relatives, millions of years before dinosaurs even existed. 662 more words