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Surviving the Permian-Triassic boundary

For those of you
who typically ignore the letters to the editor, this is one exchange that you might find interesting.

Earlier Bill Erickson asked me  694 more words


Rotorua and the Permian mass extinction

Last week, after attending a conference in Rotorua I went for a wander around the Lake Rotorua foreshore. It was warm evening after a beautiful late summers day, there were families picnicking on the lakeside parks, boaties returning from after an afternoons fishing and thousands upon thousands of seagulls, shags, geese and ducks crowding the trees, rocks and beaches. 2,646 more words


It'll Take More Than an Oil Rally to Restart Shale Boom - Bloomberg Business

Explorers in U.S. oil fields stung by the quick rise and fall in the market last year are expected to move cautiously when crude prices begin to climb again. 97 more words

Eagle Ford

100 Years of Drift: Part 2

It’s been 100 years since Alfred Wegener proposed his idea of continental drift. Today’s blog continues the story we began yesterday – the tale of Wegener’s life and the development of his grand idea of mobile continents. 1,066 more words