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We want more Permission Marketing!

“Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” So stated… 340 more words


Making Information Unforgettable: the Routines of Learning

How do you make information completely unforgettable?

I’m talking “in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” kind of unforgettable. In a world where attention and being memorable matters more each day, how do you stand out? 325 more words

From viral to permission marketing: what is your strategy?

It was 1995 when the term “viral marketing”¬†officially became popular. The creators of Hotmail had recently launched their email service and a smart expedient let them to gain millions of users within months. 447 more words


Status Quo of Small Business Marketing: 10 Steps

Across the countless interviews and podcasts I have listened to there is a consistent set of marketing tactics and strategies that businesses are using that are effective in the new digital marketing universe. 462 more words

Rethinking our Reference Point

Here is an embarrassing story.

I was traveling with a friend in the Czech Republic visiting Prague. The friend I was with had hosted a Czech as an exchange student, and we met up with him. 517 more words

Blind Spots and Permission Marketing

What do you do when a key player doesn’t show up?

This morning I had two presenters for a session on presentation skills coaching but one of them didn’t show up, and we had a good 35 minutes to kill. 419 more words

Permission to have Gratitude

After revisiting Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, I realized that the need for “permission” does not extend only to marketing but also a whole host of other interactions that we have on a daily basis. 481 more words