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Permission: Assignment From Seth Godin's Freelancer Course

Lecture 50: Exercise

Question: How many people would complain if you didn’t send out your newsletter or brochure?

Currently, no one because they don’t exist yet! 159 more words

Choose Yourself

Hello, We are talking about the Buyer Persona and I'm Listening

I was dying to use a Frazier line and I just had to work it in. This has been one of my favorite topics ever since the days of when it was just called psychographics. 299 more words


Communication Channel Overwhelm: Customer is at the center !

Choosing the right channel for the right message, what is the right message and how effective is that channel. All of this doesn’t matter if the client isn’t at the center of your marketing strategy. 184 more words


Do you know where your customer is ? (Knowing Your Audience)

We all have started with where instead of who and why. Let me explain.

The Internet is the first medium that wasn’t created by the brands as a vehicle like TV and radio were. 296 more words


Permission Marketing – Why it Matters

Here is another article I wrote for the Cambridge Marketing Review (May 2013). Inspired by Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing.

Anticipated, Personal and Relevant messages delivered to people who want to get them is the core of marketing for the foreseeable future” – Seth Godin. 2,103 more words


Text Message Marketing is 90% Permission

Consumers who give permission to get text messages have decided that they highly value the companies that send them.

Permission is an indicator of value. 109 more words


İcazəli Marketinq (Permission Marketing)

     İki il bundan əvvəl Set Qodinin maraqlı bir kitabını oxumuşdum. Kitab baxmayaraq ki, 300 səhifədən çox idi ancaq bir nəfəsə oxunulan kitablardan idi. Əslində yeni bir şey icad edilmir müəllif tərəfindən, sadəcə olaraq marketoloqlara maraqlı iş üsulları təklif edir. 1,098 more words