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Rachel Platten calls out Piano Guys for playing ‘Fight Song’ without permission at Inaugural Ball

WASHINGTON D.C. — Utah-based music group The Piano Guys drew some backlash after their performance for Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball included versions of other artist’s work,…


Permission Based Email Marketing

Permission based email marketing is one of the most excellent and most resourceful technique to encourage your product and services online. Permission based email marketing… 394 more words

Quran 24:58-59 Seeking Permission Before Entering The House


Madinan verse (Mawdudi, and Dr. Muhammed Asad).

Analysing Verse

“O you who have believed, let those whom your right hands possess and those who have not reached puberty among you ask permission of you at three times: before the dawn prayer and when you put aside your clothing at noon and after the night prayer.

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Forgiving Yourself, Moving On, And Letting Go

I’m a music lover. I love all different genres. It never really mattered to me whether it was country, rock, or R&B. As long as the message was clear and the beat moved me. 239 more words


Cost of Treason? One's truth!

To live one’s truth often means to deny the commonly held truths of our culture. There are a few that I challenge directly, daily, just by breathing. 609 more words

Emotional Health

Permission to Succeed

I have been a part of many weight loss groups and this gets said a lot, “give yourself grace when you mess up.” And this is great advice. 774 more words

Fordham U. denies students permission to form pro-Palestinian group

NEW YORK (JTA) — Fordham University will not allow students to form a Students for Justice in Palestine group because it does not allow groups that solely promote one country’s interests. 217 more words

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