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Here’s the kind of info public schools are datamining your kids for — WITHOUT your knowledge or permission — while you think they’re learning reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. 58 more words

Your Kids Are Dying Waiting For You To Say NO

I bet you said “NO” when your child almost ran into the middle of the street or when he went to put his hand on the stove. 636 more words


Hand to God - Tortured Teenager + Profane Puppet = Rollercoaster Ride

You know you’re watching something special when an actor with a sock puppet on his hand engages in dialogue with said sock puppet and your head goes back and forth as if you’re watching two separate actors engage. 283 more words

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Waiting for Permission

There is an interesting post and discussion about permission over on Steven Pressman’s blog. He is the author of The War of Art, in which he masterfully exposes the role that Resistance (with a capital R) plays in our lives. 474 more words

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The last few months have been really, really rough, dealing with the lung cancer scare that I had and all the dramas at work. I found myself restless so I went to my art room and made some really, really bad art. 726 more words


Grahamism: Permission

“Mama, do not do dat! I mean, of course you can do dat. Cuz yours da mom and you are in charge. You can do da fings you want, unless it hurts us or is wrong. 94 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}