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Mielipide apua tarvitaan

Nyt olen törmännyt kisaiseen sukututkimus kysykseen jonka ratkaisemiseksi tarvitsisin teidän kaikkien apua ja mielipiteitä. Selitän ongelman niin lyhyesti kuin mahdollista ja tuon esille tarvittavat linkit ja niin edelleen. 884 more words


Allergic to the Cold: Tales of a Texan in Ireland

Yes, my boyfriend is Irish. He doesn’t have red hair, but he is a little pale. You wouldn’t mistake him for a Spaniard and you wouldn’t expect him to be wearing anything less than 50 SPF at the beach. 2,383 more words

Put it all in one place

It would be easy to give up. My body seems to give in whether my mind agrees or not. I never thought I would miss my job, my car or my errands this much. 340 more words


Day of discovery

Yesterday we learned that Rachel has Pernio. Basically the purple swollen toe is from her foot getting cold and all the blood vessels squeezing in response, shrinking the blood supply. 291 more words