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Perogy Potato Salad, Summer Days & BBQ's

A simple and unique take on potato salad. Make it for a summer BBQ, a potluck or even when you are camping/glamping this summer ! It is easy and requires very little space to prepare. 282 more words


Spicy Perogy Pizza

Spicy perogy pizza may be my favourite comfort food ever! I first discovered this pizza at one of my favourite restaurants back home called Boston Pizza… 983 more words

Distraction Number 3 - Shed Pub

Shed pub.

Yes, that is correct – shed pub.  A relatively new fad, homeowners turning their cluttered, spider infested backyard sheds into mini taverns, complete with beer taps, personalized coasters, and the Sunday match in high definition. 516 more words


Holiday Book Reviews - Pierogi Love

I received a review copy of Pierogi Love from Raincoast Books. Nevertheless, all opinions in the following post are my own.

The ladies of my mother’s CWL chapter are famous for their food. 1,199 more words


meal to the field #5

disclaimer… this meal is not very healthy… unless you are a pro-athlete and burning insane amounts of calories per day you should not eat like this all the time… but it’s harvest time… the time of year that farmer’s finally make money and gain weight… (or this year just gain weight) and we get to eat dessert at home – that is if there is enough… I for instance have gained 5 pounds so far… I feel like it is an instinct from way back when the settlers (and I’m purely imagining all of this… no homeschooling going on around here) would try to gain weight and a layer of body fat for protection from the harsh Canadian winters… I am just instinctively following suit… it can’t be controlled when it is your heritage…  823 more words

Meal To The Field

Perogies / Pierogies for Canada Day

We’ve covered recipes for Canada Day before, but we are interested to learn that one of the iconic foods of Canada is the Ukrainian pierogie/perogie/perogy/pyrogy (plus any other spellings… 130 more words