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Perogies / Pierogies for Canada Day

We’ve covered recipes for Canada Day before, but we are interested to learn that one of the iconic foods of Canada┬áis the Ukrainian pierogie/perogie/perogy/pyrogy (plus any other spellings… 130 more words


My Grandmother's Perogies

And here, my lovelies, is my convoluted perogy* post…. Scroll to the end to avoid rambling and just get at ‘er, however the rambling does contain hints…. 1,414 more words


Caesars!!! (Inspired by The Score on Davie)

The Score on Davie is one of my favourite pubs in Vancouver. Not only are the staff great but the Caesars are delicious. They always make them exactly how I like them, spicy and muddy! 40 more words


Holiday Tradition: My Homemade Pierogy Recipe

With a holiday, no matter the season, comes tradition. Some traditions, like dying Easter eggs, are celebrated by many but other traditions are celebrated by only a few. 819 more words


Christmas Eve prep day 2 - Varenyky!

The humble, delicious perogy.
So many filling possibilities, so many cooking possibilities. Savoury? Sweet? Boiled? Fried? Baked? The choice is yours.
Generally for Christmas Eve we have potato (with cheese and dill) and sauerkraut ones on the table. 17 more words


Perogy Poem

Sitting here
eating perogys with my hands
scooping up the over fried, red onions on the side
then, another scoop into some vegennaise mayonnaise
mixed with hot sauce and pink salt… 132 more words

Andrew West

The Peorgy Experiment

As always, there are things that I miss. Most things I’ve made peace with, but every now and then something will come up and I will sigh at the memories. 235 more words