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University Essentials

After four years, I’ve come to appreciate a few items that have made university a lot easier:

Wireless mouse: This isn’t really a must, but it came in handy for my research (where I had to do touchy image analyses and my laptop trackpad just wasn’t cutting it) and I much prefer scrolling with it over my trackpad. 351 more words


Read At Your Own Risk

Which head was he thinking with? Was it based out of love or lust? Passion or actual meaning? These are the questions that I sit here and think about as I replay last night’s activities where Landon, once again, said I love you during sex. 276 more words

Everyday Thoughts

Singing and Crying

Getting drunk and crying isn’t exactly something confined to a single culture. A quick ride on the Red Line during any Chicago holiday, or a late night out in Wrigleyville pretty much drives that one home as a experience that isn’t bound by any demographic. 682 more words



It was there, in the quiet hum of Chino’s guitar playing. 78 more words

Shared History

Back when I was a baby gay, a mere lad of 20, venturing out to see the world on my own, I was blessed to be welcomed into the fold by a strong couple, Louis (or Luigi as I had come to know him) and Ira. 1,061 more words