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Journey towards opulence

I thought it only makes sense that I talk a bit of my story so far… As boring as it may be I think it’s necessary to get an understanding of why I’m searching for “opulence” or otherwise known as prosperity (but I like the other fancy ass term) so here’s a bit about me: 253 more words



I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. And I apologize in advance for this behemoth of post. When I started at BYU I had this picture of what I thought my life was going to look like by the time I graduated: married, med school bound, and living in a tiny apartment right off the freeway somewhere. 894 more words


I am a (terrible) writer

I am a terrible writer- explains why I’m here.
Looking back on the Timeline that I’ve created, I am horrified at the fluctuation of the quality of my writing. 375 more words


Dissociation [in the moment]

a hot flush is creeping up my neck and across my cheeks but my arms are covered with goosebumps, the hairs standing up on them like a forest of pines… 305 more words



This summer, I spent a lot of time alone. My roommate was away for three months, and I was still getting to know the city and making friends, so I had a lot of down time. 546 more words


What The

My high school crush, J, got engaged this weekend to a woman he’s been dating for less than a year. I know he’s been dating her for less than a year, because when I moved to Boston in January, he wanted to hang out all the time. 311 more words


He’s Just Not That (Sexually) Into You

After almost a year living in Boston, after going on over 20 first dates, this is the incontinent that finally pushed me to creative a blog. 742 more words