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I tore out the agapanthas
Leaves sawn, thrown in a heap,
Butchered the roots with a pickaxe
And stuffed the brainy clumps into bags.

The wormy soil left steaming in the sun. 61 more words


Deeper and Deeper into the Heart of Darkness

On 10 July 1941, the most shameful chapter of my native Poland’s history was written. In a small town of Jedwabne, occupied by the Nazis, its sizeable Jewish community was brutally murdered by the Poles. 398 more words

Depth Psychology

What makes the world go round

The world exist because of strong people. The world works because of strong people. The world is built on strong people.

And I’m not talking about the physically strong (even though they might have been around to build the houses), but more so the… 414 more words

Prevention Project Dunkelfeld – the best approach for all?

How can we hope to prevent child abuse if we are reluctant to understand paedophilia? Is the paedophile a victim of his own sexual persuasion? 583 more words

Criminal Law

Life and Death Struggles Hit Everyone

All around the world, individuals are in life and death battles against formidable enemies that threaten their existence. The danger often comes by being born in a certain region or conforming to a specific religion. 515 more words

John McAfee—namesake of the anti-virus software—thinks he knows who hacked Ashley Madison

“Ashley Madison was not hacked,” declares John McAfee, the cybersecurity entrepreneur known for his drug-dosing, gun-toting, murder accusation-dodging persona, in a post on the… 481 more words


Toddler Sense of Justice

At the NY Times, Sindya N. Bhanoo notes some cool research on young children’s sense of fairness.

“Children as young as age 3 will intervene on behalf of a victim, … 197 more words