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Robbery and Sexual Assault

If someone robs your house and steals everything you own, you feel unsafe, violated and on high alert for future thefts.

If someone breaks into your house everyday and steals just one CD, you feel unsafe, violated and on high alert for future thefts. 687 more words

Silencing Another: The Violence of Word

In the on-goings of daily life, it is easy to get wrapped up into one’s self – to lose the ability to see how or when you have impacted another person’s life in a way that is far less than good.   1,058 more words



She can sense he’s there

A black fist hammers the door

There are no pauses

Whip noose and dagger as tools

He drains her blood till it cools

Life & Death

I am a victim.

Experts say it takes 21 days to form any habit and afterwards, the more you practice more permanent part of you that habit becomes. I am wailing for past 11 years now. 1,259 more words


Nelly Mukazayire: Being A Child Of A Genocidaire, She Is A Living Testimony Of The New Rwanda

Remarks by Nelly Mukazayire, Deputy Director of the Cabinet in the Office of the President, at the 22nd Commemoration of the Genocide Against the Tutsi at the United Nations-New York 1,735 more words


From Victim to Perpetrator

Mind Control: Also known as brainwashing, re-education, coercive persuasion, thought control or thought reform. Refers to the involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values.

This word is as scary as they come. 970 more words


Would You Be A Perpetrator?

That’s a question that goes around and around in my head.

When I think back before I became a perp, I never thought in a million years I would become one myself. 100 more words

Domestic Violence