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Nothing personal

You’ve seen those TV crime dramas, right? You know, the ones where the cops bust into the apartment where one of the suspected perpetrators lives. 828 more words



So the reason for my post last night has really been bothering me. It’s a LONG story that is really to much to try and explain on here. 356 more words


Master Bait

First the caveat: the pun in the title is unintended and should be taken in literal sense.

Now, let’s look at the verse from James 1:14 (NIV) which says, “But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.”  Typically, the words ‘dragging away’ and ‘enticed’ were used in the context of either hunting or harlotry which highlight two kinds of people, viz., victim and perpetrator. 401 more words

4 Rules of Writing Cops: Avoiding The WRIAMY (Wouldn't Read in a Million Years) Pile

re-posted from Lee Lofland’s The Graveyard Shift

If you have any accuracy pet peeves, add them to Lee’s list in the comment section below. I’d particularly like to hear from law enforcement officers, dispatchers, etc. 722 more words

Law Enforcement

Ramblings, Stake Outs, part 1

By Hal Collier, LAPD, Retired

Hal is a thirty-five year veteran of LAPD. We are pleased he is sharing his stories with us.

Stake Outs part 1… 1,198 more words

Law Enforcement

Who Will Stand With Me?

When I was in 8th grade, my English class read the play The Diary of Ann Frank.  The teacher assigned parts, and we read it out loud in class.   598 more words


The War on Terror

In their war on terror the Americans were hijacked by their own government which took them hostage by becoming what they were fighting against: Terrorists. The war on terror turned the victim into the perpetrator. 46 more words

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