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On The Accountability Process.

I have been on a painstaking quest for resources regarding accountability processes. Everyone, from my therapist/doctor to friends and acquaintances have suggested that I do my best to move forward with my life. 240 more words

This is Katrin Kuhla from Germany!

I am Katrin Kuhla from Germany, Bavaria (the Oktoberfest region).
In our project I am the consortium leader. That means that I coordinate the whole project and I am responsible for the money issues with our donor (the EU). 225 more words


Being victimized, when does it end?

Why did the sexual harassment of 20 women during the Pohela Boishakh incident rattle so many people? Why are the people out in hordes, lining the street, demanding that the perpetrators be brought to justice? 876 more words

Is there Such a Word like Forgive and Forget for Rape Victims? WOMEN Deserve Respect!

Rape is one of the most traumatic experiences that one can ever undergo. For someone, it can look like the end of the world and the wound can take eternity to heal. 1,413 more words

Did He Do It - A Show That Questions The Legal System

Anyone that knows me knows that there’s one station I enjoying taping my shows from and that’s Investigation Discovery. The channel has nothing but true life crime stories about horrible things people do to one another. 591 more words


Wrapping My Head Around Confusion

(this is surely not my typical write, more of a personal reaction to a crime that was very close to me)

I’m an angry man, 177 more words


Someone who is angry...

¬†Someone who is angry is someone who doesn’t know how to handle their suffering. They are the first victim of their suffering, and you are actually the second victim. 44 more words