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Prevention Project Dunkelfeld – the best approach for all?

How can we hope to prevent child abuse if we are reluctant to understand paedophilia? Is the paedophile a victim of his own sexual persuasion? 583 more words

Criminal Law

Life and Death Struggles Hit Everyone

All around the world, individuals are in life and death battles against formidable enemies that threaten their existence. The danger often comes by being born in a certain region or conforming to a specific religion. 515 more words

Toddler Sense of Justice

At the NY Times, Sindya N. Bhanoo notes some cool research on young children’s sense of fairness.

“Children as young as age 3 will intervene on behalf of a victim, … 197 more words

5 Things I Learned Committing A Campus Sexual Assault | Cracked.com

I’m glad they’re writing about this. We need better solutions and not empty rhetoric or punishment. Even as a survivor of more instances than I can remember I can understand this is so much more conplex and that the solution needs to dig deeper. 136 more words


What Should We be Learning from the Duggar Situation? – Part 5

Our world is filled with gadgets that have been born out of tragedy. Seat belts. Smoke alarms. Safety scissors. Life jackets. Sun screen.  House alarms. Each of these items is designed to protect us and keep us safe. 876 more words

Week 12 - Finding Nuggets of Gratitude When Life Happens

WOW!😱 I think you would agree… What a horridly horrific image!!!!!😣

I first saw it a few weeks ago on a blog post of a precious friend. 409 more words