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Feeling the weight of history

The perpetrator and the victim learn the real truth, but the witness, the observer gains only an impression. The quality of that impression—is it stronger or weaker—to tell the truth, there’s no difference.

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The Drama

Here’s an article I wrote for naturalhealthstar.com about the stories we tell and how to deal with ‘drama’:


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Forgiveness is something I often have mixed feelings and thoughts about. I talk about forgiveness in case something bad happened to you. Something that shouldn’t happen to anyone. 510 more words

(random) Thoughts

... the Laquan McDonald Affair [#Chicago]...

.. what a god – awful tragedy ..

.. McDonald is a 19 – year – old teenager who was targeted by a police officer while after the commission of a crime . 134 more words

Personal Opinion

The Children of The Nakba - Review

The Children of The Nakba 2 takes you into the pit of a real life tragedy, told behind the eyes of the perpetrators and the victims alike.. 65 more words



I tore out the agapanthas
Leaves sawn, thrown in a heap,
Butchered the roots with a pickaxe
And stuffed the brainy clumps into bags.

The wormy soil left steaming in the sun. 61 more words



It’s taking me a long time to recover from the assault I experienced and wrote about last week which I suppose it to be expected. Although I realize how lucky I am to be still here, I haven’t got over the shock and the awful trauma of it all yet and sometimes I just dissolve into pieces and floods of tears. 349 more words

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