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Reader: Is rape an inevitability?

One response to “As a result of your latest post i have made the decision to not say that rape is worse than murder… 278 more words


I was sexually abused: my story

I was 11.

It was also not your “typical” sexual abuse. I think that’s why I struggle with believing that it’s valid, and also why others have struggled with believing that it’s valid. 3,680 more words

Sexual Abuse

Learning Points from Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger's TED Talk on "Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation"

I shunned listening to this TED talk for quite a long while. After all, it is presented by a man and a woman, and the title suggests that the man raped the woman in the past and they reconciled somehow later. 279 more words

TED Talk


In a sleepy town

He treads softly and plunders

Peace is put to sleep

Algid nights tremble in fear

Knowing he is somewhere near


A Letter To My Perpetrator: A Year Later

I’m not even going to address you by your name. You don’t deserve that. You are not a name. You are not a decent human being, like you make others think you are. 542 more words

Profile of an Assailant

Caution: May appear charming at first glance. Look closely and read the fine print.

  • Arrogant
  • Egotistical
  • Hyper critical
  • inflated self-esteem


Key warning signs in my ‘friendship’ with the man who raped me shortly after meeting me: 119 more words


Can Their Be Victims Without Perpetrators?

In the last 24 hours, I’ve read three articles about Aziz Ansari.  The first is the Babe.com article, in which a young woman accused him of sexual assault.  809 more words