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… about a people who are more worried about being embarrassed around the world by a person like Trump than being complicit in the overthrow of democratically elected governments, the devastation of entire countries, the wholesale slaughter of millions of people, and the consequences of pursuing nuclear war with Russia and China? 27 more words

Perpetual War

Evergreene Digest | Clinton And Trump, Call Your Office: America’s Bipartisan Policy Of Perpetual War Has Failed To Deliver Peace

This approach (Perpetual War) is based on the belief that Washington is capable of solving every international problem. If only unnamed bright people implemented theoretically brilliant strategies backed by unidentified resolute citizens, terrorism would be suppressed, ISIS would be defeated, Russia would be compliant, Iraq would be successful, Syria would be peaceful, Libya would be united, and China would be respectful. 165 more words

Military Madness

Karen J. Greenberg: Liberty Is Security

The Lesson Not Drawn From Post-9/11 Government Overreach

One vivid image of the historical relationship between government power and individual liberties in America has long been the swing of the pendulum. 2,054 more words

Opinion Leaders

Julian Assange Offers To Surrender Himself To U.S. Authorities if President Obama grants clemency to Chelsea Manning | FREE CHELSEA MANNING + KEEP ASSANGE FREE


September 17, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has agreed to hand himself over to U.S. authorities, if they fulfil just one small catch. 

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Reflection on 9/11

Fifteen years ago I woke in Delta Junction, Alaska, to witness the horror unfolding on the television.

I didn’t buy the story then, and I don’t now. 353 more words

Global Politics

Tom Engelhardt: A 9/11 Retrospective -- Washington's 15-Year Air War

Bombs Away! Their Precision Weaponry and Ours.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda launched its four-plane air force against the United States. On board were its precision weapons: 19 suicidal hijackers. 3,303 more words

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