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Book Review: A History of Warfare by John Keegan

The Second World War started when I was seven years old.  V-E Day (Victory in Europe)  and V-J Day (Victory in Japan) and The United Nations was formed when I was only eleven years old. 433 more words

Cultural Literacy

Why do we have wars?

Some will tell you that we have wars because bankers control governments, and by that everything else. If it were only true, but it isn’t. 683 more words


Hillary Clinton's Middle East Policy (Juan Cole)

Hello peace and justice activists:

If Hillary Clinton were elected President, what would her Middle East policy be? Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan offers a prognosis in the following essay. 775 more words


I Have a Voice, With Hopes You Are Listening

Can you tell me what we’re free from?

Check more of PTP’s conscious work out HERE.

Since 1776, the U.S. Corporation has only NOT been in conflict for 21 years:


Remembering Vietnam -- Peace Train Column for Feb. 29, 2015

Hello peace and justice activists,

In March of 1965 I helped organize the first anti-Vietnam war teach-in in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We the organizers were truly astonished by the response. 898 more words