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Why We Have to End the Fed

One thing I would really like to see among libertarians, the Alt. Right, reactionaries, and anybody else who wants to reduce the state, is a full-fledged assault on the existence of the Federal Reserve. 319 more words

Central Planning

...heeeree comes the donald...

…amid rending of raiment, wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Nothing like saying  what so many millions of US citizens want to hear, and in plain English – no ‘dog whistle’, no language of pc. 1,286 more words


Evergreene Digest | America's Reckless War Against Evil: Why It's Self-Defeating And Has No End

  • Oh, no! Not another American war against evil! This time, it’s the Islamic State (IS). After the attacks in Paris, Barack Obama, spokesman-in-chief for the United States of America, called that crew “the face of evil.” Shades of George W.
  • 259 more words
Military Madness

George Orwell, Edward Bernays & Perpetual War

Source: Zero Hedge

Submitted by Zero Hedge reader “Ferrari”,

Another horrific act of terror, another shrill chorus calls the faithful to war. It’s a recurring phenomenon in this early Twenty-first Century. 575 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies


Thousands of years ago,
The loving god did decree
A vengeful statement that
Still affects you and me.
He told the loyal Israelis
In the Israel at that time… 193 more words


Music Video: "War" by Edwin Starr

Original video of Edwin Starr singing his famous song: “War”

Originally written under the Motown label, and first performed by The Temptations, “War” was later re-released as a single with Edwin Starr as vocals. 419 more words


...a remembrance day to remember...

…as perpetual war is celebrated as ultimate deterrent to war…

The House of Cards seems about to collapse on its own falsehoods, one House in the UK, the other, the US. 562 more words