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Karma’s kicking our American ass…

Martin Luther King, Jr., taught that racial oppression in our country was inseparable from our war on Vietnam, and that those people oppressed in our country could not hope for relief as long as they were part of the greater oppression we were imposing on others. 225 more words


Death Toll At Hands Of US Military - 2.4 Million And Rising?

As the world looks on in horror at Donald Trump’s approach to Middle Eastern diplomacy, we can only wonder at how bad it’s going to get when it all kicks off. 99 more words


Sandy Solomon: Little Letter to the Future II

In our time, war seemed perpetual,

an economic fact: pay to build

a bomb, blow it up, pay to build

another bomb, repeat, repeat, repeat. 255 more words

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Selected Articles: Martin Luther King’s Struggle: 50 Years Later

If, in the late sixties, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said:

“No one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war ”. 86 more words

Global Politics

Recipe for Perpetual War by Coleen Rowley and Robert Wing

Unsurprisingly, we tend not to concern ourselves with our government’s harming of distant others when we do not see it. If those harmed are effectively demonized by our compliant… 1,661 more words

Military Madness

Stephanie Savell: We Have Spent $32 Million Per Hour on War Since 2001

15 years after the invasion of Iraq, what are the costs?

Anti-war protesters gather in London at the start of a demonstration against war on Iraq, February 15, 2003. 664 more words

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1984 - Abby Martin Explains Orwell's Literary Masterpiece/Orwell's Last Interview/Animated Short

Here the famous investigative journalist, Abby Martin, engages in an examination of George Orwell‘s futuristic novel. It’s both frightening and amazing that Orwell competently predicted the future that we now call today. 88 more words