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War To ‘Stop’ War: Libya’s ‘Operation Odyssey Lightning’, by Ramzy Baroud

The US is swan-diving into another quagmire. From Ramzy Baroud at antiwar.com:

The Obama Doctrine Is Ravaging the Middle East

Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or “Daesh”. 471 more words

Foreign Policy

The lesser evil?

So my friends, when our country’s a smoldering nuclear wasteland and we’re all existing wherever it is we go after this brief time on planet, how’s it going to feel knowing that you, one of those privileged US citizens, had the choice to vote your conscience for a freer, more peaceful, and more compassionate country (hence world) yet instead allowed fear, intimidation, and blatant lies to con you into giving away your democratic right for some nebulous unsupportable idea of the lesser evil that counters the very essence of highest action now and forces you to play puppet to the global elites laughing at the comedy acting out before them? 378 more words


The Candy Man

President Barack Obama said at the “White House Summit on Global Development” that “we are living in the most peaceful” era in human history and that… 613 more words


NATO Chief Says Helping Partners' Armed Forces Is Crucial

From Epoch Times

WARSAW, Poland—The NATO military alliance doesn’t only need to reinforce its own armed forces, it also must also come to the aid of partner nations in the Middle East and North Africa that are threatened by extremist violence, NATO’s chief said Friday. 323 more words

World At WAR

People do not Understand how Dangerous the Situation Really Is”

Don’t let the election games distract you too far…the more important issues are not being discussed. Good article on provoking Russia here.

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Guest Post: Why I Do Not Dismiss Trump

6 June 2016

Dear Max,

A few posts ago I outed my dad as a possible Trump voter. Here is his reply. It’s too long for the comments. 384 more words