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The Not-So Villainous Villainess: How Traditional Gender Roles are Challenged and Combined in Disney's Maleficent


Every young girl grows up with fairy tales, Disney princesses, and the ever-so-perfect happily ever after. These animated classics and short stories are viewed and read during a child’s formative years and can have a great impact on how they view themselves in society. 219 more words


Cinderella (aka The Little Glass Slipper) - Charles Perrault

Once there was a gentleman who married, for his second wife, the proudest and most haughty woman that was ever seen. She had, by a former husband, two daughters of her own, who were, indeed, exactly like her in all things. 2,402 more words


Origins of Cinderella - Part 2

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Perrault’s Cendrillon or the Little Glass Slipper

Writing in the late 17th century (1697) and for the French bourgeois, Charles Perrault adapted… 1,410 more words

Fairy Tales

Origins of Cinderella - Part 1

Linguists recently posited that some fairy tales, such as Rumpelstiltskin and Beauty and the Beast could potentially be thousands of years old, a notion I found fascinating. 1,116 more words

Fairy Tales


Sadism rid me of
deviant actresses
whispering stories of
indecent practices.

Covered in rubies she
revels in purity,
possibly different,
Safe in her chastity.

Dignified ignorance… 34 more words


Cinderella (1697 / 1950 / 2015)

So after my post about the recent study of the linguistic features within Disney princess films, I decided that for this TGIF Friday, I’d have a bit of a Disney binge, starting with one of the original princesses –  529 more words


Jalan Lain Si Tudung Merah

Seorang anak perempuan, semarak liar belantara hutan, seekor serigala, dan segaris pesan moral.

Si Tudung Merah adalah dongeng klasik yang telah membuai lelap anak-anak dan orang dewasa. 1,440 more words

Telling Our Stories