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Bluebeard: The Origin Story

Bluebeard is an odd fairy tale. Unremarkably, for anyone who knows the tale, it has not managed to join its more child-friendly fellows in the Disney hall of fame. 672 more words

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The Bloody Chamber

“Carter spins a subversively dark and sensual version of the familiar fairy tale and legend “Bluebeard”, giving it exhilarating new life in a style steeped in the romantic trappings of the gothic tradition”

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"Nostalgia is, 'Hey, remember the other mall that used to be there?'"*...

Built in the early 1970s, a decaying Midwestern relic of throw-away consumer architecture will be torn down and developed into an updated outdoor shopping space. What is lost in the process? 325 more words

The Original Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale appeared in Europe all the way back in the 16th century in French. It existed as a story called “Troylus and Zellandine” in  1,408 more words

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Compare & Contrast: Sun, Moon, and Talia, Briar Rose, and Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

Again, this is a case where the three tales share some story elements, but have many differences in how the stories are executed. All of the stories have a princess (or lord’s daughter) who is destined to sleep after pricking her finger. 498 more words


The enduring enchantment of fairy tales

Fairy tales from around the world such as Sleeping Beauty are stories that have traveled eons.  They have been part of our collective consciousness for so long that that as P.L. 481 more words

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