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July 24, 2015- The day's mission

Hello dear July,

would you mind taking care of my mail, administrative papers and all the practical things so that I can write my posts and day-dream from time to time? 124 more words

Personal Development

July 16, 2015- Choose a new challenge in hot Paris

Dear July,

today it is hot again, Very hot to my licking, and I have found refuge in the closest semi-airconditioned place. Yes, yes, I know, it is summer of course, but my brain is melting and I look forward to the next rain :-) 24 more words

Personal Development

The Filthy Stuff is Poisonous

Our thankfully accustomed drinking habits – compared to say, anywhere not here – accustomed that is to buying it bottled, accustomed to filthy flow, accustomed to coming second in health, accustomed to slow around drip flow, dirty and seeping… Drinking it sometimes is maybe okay, a day on and a day off, only constant is dangerous… less safe in our own homes, further scary to think of. 179 more words

Flash Fiction

Grapefruit Splash

This is  the simplest cocktail in the world! I don’t even know if it deserves the name cocktail its that easy! It’s literally grapefruit soda and vodka! 88 more words


Join us for our annual spring sample sale this weekend from friday to sunday!

..:: VIP event thursday for our Samsøe & Samsøe Friends | Become a Friend… 7 more words


Must-have Sparkling Water

How are you all staying hydrated this summer? The last couple of days have been HOT HOT HOT!!! I always pack my grapefruit sparkling water in my cooler bag when we go to the pool. 113 more words