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Oregon PERS: Top 10 recipients of benefits

The top recipients of PERS benefits receive some eye-popping numbers, but even if you eliminated those annual payouts the systemic issues remain.

Source: Oregon PERS: Top 10 recipients of benefits | OregonLive.com

The Oregonian

An agreement with our public employees cannot be altered after the fact

I am proud to be a fifth-generation Oregonian and to serve as representative for Oregon House District 21.

I am the child of parents who worked as public employees; my mother as a school teacher and my father as a letter carrier. 51 more words

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Secretary of State visits Klamath Falls

Statewide elections, water and party inclusion were top talking points for Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Saturday evening in Klamath Falls during the Lincoln Day Dinner hosted by Klamath County Republicans at Oregon Tech. 34 more words

Oregon Secretary Of State

Legislative countdown: Rising PERS costs affect Portland Community College students (Editorial)

In a letter to students last Friday, Portland Community College informed students tuition will go up by as much as 7 percent next year. PCC, which serves many low-income students, needs to patch… 39 more words

The Oregonian

Erik Lukens column: Despite PERS crisis, employees demand more | Opinion

Like Gov. Kate Brown, many state lawmakers would rather do almost anything than talk about Oregon’s public pension crisis. The problem refuses to be ignored, however. 61 more words


SB217 -- NO


by fishingrampa

These changes to the PERS board would open the system to mismanagement on
a monumental scale.

by peter5427

Sounds like someone is trying to “pack the court.” 18 more words

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