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The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS Cost Increase Next Year!!

The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS cost increase next year for two reasons – the actuary is anticipating less returns and has re-calculated longevity of retirees; and then the other factor being the State Supreme Court overturning legislative attempts at reforms. 135 more words

Jangan nyampah sembarangan

Ketimbang maaf lahir batin tampaknya pesan “Jgn nyampah sembarangan’ lebih berguna. Buktinya reaksi di media sosial terkait peristiwa Tolikara lebih banyak nyampah ketimbang semangat lebarannya, pdhal malemnya sibuk kirim2 gambar n pesan salam2an or ampun2an. 376 more words


Dan Walters: Pensions fight gets new ammo

It’s likely that California voters will be treated – or subjected – next year to a vitriolic campaign over public employee pensions.

Backers of a proposed ballot measure, which would require voter approval of future pension increases, contend that too-generous benefits are diverting money from other vital public services such as police and fire protection. 102 more words

Sacramento Update


Ék, is in ’n pers seisoen in my lewe. My bril is pers, my hare het pers strepe (bietjie gebleik nou al) en so titsel oranje in. 517 more words

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2 July 2015

Awwww your gym doesn’t train with stones…..#Thatscute

Time to switch gyms then to one that desires that you learn how to lift and manipulate heavy awkward objects correctly without hurting yourself. 29 more words

CrossFit Queenston Heights

Pentingnya Pendidikan Dasar Jurnalisme Bagi Wartawan

Pendidikan jurnalisme menjadi sorotan ketika perayaan puncak Hari Pers Nasional di Jambi 9 Februari 2012 silam. Pada salah satu opini di Koran Tempo yang ditulis oleh Arya Gunawan Usis yang berjudul “ 509 more words