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Life can be tough, too tough, too tough even for Christians who have faith in God answering their prayers.  For those without Christ the weight can be too much to bare.  280 more words

No Peace - A Sword

What has become of kindness, respect, and the ability to agree
to disagree? Each day I look through the newsfeeds to see what’s happening
around the world. 1,243 more words


Is the Resurrection a Product of Legendary Embellishment?

Mar 25, 2019 by Aaron Johnson

Do the gospels contain legendary embellishments when it comes to Jesus’ resurrection? Did the original disciples really believe that Jesus died, was buried, and then rose from the dead? 1,678 more words

VIDEO 50% drop in abortion traffic follows 'Unplanned'

Early reports from impact of hit pro-life movie

April 18, 2019  by BOB UNRUH

Don’t expect this statistic to appear in Planned Parenthood’s next report to Congress when it seeks more taxpayer money. 724 more words

VIDEO Black and Pro-Life - Understanding the New Legislation on Abortion

Fifteen months after the city of Oakland, California, passed a law making it illegal to approach a woman entering an abortion clinic without her consent, Walter Hoye went to jail for standing on a public sidewalk outside an abortion clinic with a sign saying, “God loves you and your baby. 1,631 more words

Encouragement When Persecuted

Been persecuted for my faith many times…if it means I’m going to be
standing alone, so be it. If everybody turns on me, my faith is strong… 81 more words

Miranda Lynn

Leviticus 23, Isaiah 21, Acts 8

Read Leviticus 23, Isaiah 21, and Acts 8 today. This devotional is about Acts 8.

When Stephen was martyred in Acts 7, two distinct–but related–things happened next. 321 more words