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Origin, Chapter 16

Images derived from Langdon’s Lecture

Poseidon was the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and horses

Persephone depicted here with Hades. Her return from the underworld marked the start of spring, and winter began when she was forced to return to the underworld.   35 more words

Clair De Lne

Melinoe: The goddess who will overthrow patriarchy

I am Melinoe, daughter of Persephone,

daughter of the ravished goddess,

borne away without consent but

lawfully wedded, raped by her own father

in the guise of her husband. 197 more words

My Poems

My Dark Garden

Sunbeams at break of day
might shine through the words I say,
but all that’s bright
can never light
these songs I sing for you. 228 more words

Song Lyrics


(Art by Carolina)

The underworld was fragrant with the scent of sweet pomegranates. Hades coaxed a branch on one of the trees to tempt the goddess he had found in his hunt.

23 more words

Samhain Oracle of Persephone

Received on astrological Samhain, 11/7/17 at 6:45 a.m. (EST) using the Healing Light Tarot

The Healing Light Tarot draws inspiration from an ancient Celtic concept. 768 more words

15° Scorpio: The Real Samhain, Part II

Still waters run deep as the life raising powers of the Sun decline, the magnetic force of the Underworld exerts a compulsive pull on the waters of life and sap falls back down to its lowest level. 1,112 more words