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The little boy was staring up at me and it was really starting to get unnerving. So, I tried to ignore him and focus on stacking terracotta pots. 193 more words


Loved By Death; Chapter 19

A/N: I apologize for the delay, but I honest to God thought I’d posted it. Sorry! Anyway, enjoy!

“Because I’m trying to figure out if you’re hard or not!” 1,344 more words


The Victorian Chaise-Longue- Marghanita Laski (1953)

This disturbing – but compelling little novel, is one I hadn’t thought I wanted to read. I knew however, that I liked Marghanita Laski’s writing, her female characters particularly are very real, flawed and believable, and her novel… 931 more words


He stared into the eyes of Persephone
Mesmerized by the reflections concealing
A broken spirit; those beautiful
Blue eyes drawing in his
Struggling soul.

Doubt polluting clean air; 99 more words


Persephone: Hades meets Death

“I want block three cleared this afternoon, there’s a midnight rush coming in from a shipwreck! Someone get those children a room! Midred! What are you doing? 1,179 more words


Loved By Death; Chapter 18

A/N: Chapter 18! So we will slowly be moving away from the G-rated content, but the story will never be M-rated. Anyway, R&R and enjoy! 1,599 more words