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The night the lights popped up on Ceres

Whether it is a reflective quality of the surface (the sun in the image might be angled properly to cause such an effect) or self-illuminated (fingers crossed), Ceres has our attention (doh, now it’s gone – lol). 702 more words


beloved daughter


Who am I? I ask in the centre
You are my beloved daughter, says Aphrodite.
I want for you all the joy you can absorb. 256 more words


Who Follow Their Hearts

I envy those who
follow their hearts and
don’t get jerked to the ground.
There seem to be a few who keep their spirit.

Now I content myself to watch… 136 more words

My Story Ongoing

Fallen Goddess

Demeter’s dark Daughter
You are She who devours the light
the fertile Earth mourns your loss
and all goes silent and fallow as
all goes to ground with you. 91 more words

My Art

Musings On Several Goddesses of the Greek Sort

Let’s talk about Persephone.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who takes Hades’ hand and goes with him willingly.
Let’s talk about a Persephone who loves the Underworld, who takes to Cerberus like a duck to water and leaves little flowers trailing behind as she walks, spots of brightness in a dark world. 571 more words


Book Review: The Goddess of Spring, by P. C. Cast.

The Goddess of Spring, authored by P. C. Cast, is a yet another nice addition to the Goddess Summoning Series. It delves into the mythological legend of Persephone the Goddess of Spring, and how she becomes the lover of Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, and ultimately, the Queen of the Underworld herself. 173 more words

Book Reviews

One Can Only Quote - The 2015 Book Bloggers Love-A-Thon

My favorite quote on friendship:

~ Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I love this quote so much, because it really embodies what makes me a Gryffindor. 82 more words