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Secondhand Persephones are like literary gold!

There are everyday book hauls, the ones in which you pick up a clutch of interesting titles to add to the steady accumulation of your own living incarceration in a paper carapace, and then there are those golden days when you find something miraculous nestled amid the walls of titles on a charity shop shelf that makes you want to howl at the moon. 200 more words


July WIPocalypse Check In

Wow – July’s full moon has been beautiful. I’ve seen quite a bit, as I drive in the dark to the base pool.

I have got thru 3 rotations of stitching this month; a chunk of Persephone, over the mental hump of Afternoon in London and up to Maleficent in Raven Queen’s first page. 287 more words

Cross Stitch

The Goddess Test Aimee Carter Book Review

When Henry- a dark and mysterious boy- claiming to be Hades, god of the underworld makes a deal with Kate to help save her mother’s life, Kate must pass seven tests and become Henry’s immortal lover or die trying. 432 more words


Mater in Tenebris

Persephone finally made it!

Mater in Tenebris is available on Amazon!


I’m really happy with her portrayal although still a little nervous because I know not everyone will agree with it. 35 more words



You walk, she follows. You worry that she’s not following you.
Then you worry that she is.

This is the part where you go to get her back, you can’t live without her, you feel somehow guilty she’s gone. 2,668 more words


Queen of the Underworld

In Greek mythology, Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld and the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest. Persephone spends four months of the year in the Underworld and during that time Demeter mourns her daughter and makes the earth barren. 845 more words

Grown-ups Too

Pomegranate Seeds

Naked branches sharp and ugly.
Grey sky, clouded without sun.
The bitter wind that eats me.
Maybe, she will come back
and it will be summer again.