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The 3 of Cups from the Thoth Tarot

The 3 of Cups (also known as Abundance) shows 3 cups covered in pomegranates which is a reference to the myth of Persephone (daughter) and Demeter (Mother). 185 more words


Persephone and Hades

This round of The Secret Affair, From the Depths We Shall Rise, produced inspiration for the legendary couple Persephone and Hades.  Their “love” story (and yes, I choose to believe that Persephone falls in love eventually with the God of the Underworld) is popular and timeless….powerful man kidnaps beautiful woman for his own.  179 more words

Charybdis 7 (Chapter 5)

With the engines silent, the only sound on the Persephone‘s bridge was the gentle hiss of the air vents and the faint hum of machinery. 1,271 more words


ARC Review: The Blooming Goddess Trilogy - Tellulah Darling

The Blooming Goddess Trilogy – Tellulah Darling

Perfect for fans of Meg Cabot, Rachel Hawkins, and everyone who loves their kickass girls sassy and their infuriating gods swoony. 625 more words


Charybdis 7 (Chapter 4)

After discovering the wreckage of another ship in the travel lane, the crew of the Persephone slowed their travel in order to allow their own ship’s sensors more opportunity to work. 1,931 more words


The Park

I recently unloaded one of my ‘strays’. Having a tendency to allow people into my home in order to have the chance for a leg up is a habit I have been trying to quit. 570 more words


The Long, Fluffy Life of Persephone Girl Cat

If her birth is known to anyone, they haven’t shared that story with me or the shelter. I got Persephone when she was, by the SPCA vet’s estimate, 8 years old. 1,358 more words

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