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Persepolis and Journalism

Blog Post #3

Taking a closer look at comics this past week has given me new insight into literature and journalism.  Persepolis and Journalism were both very new to me.  518 more words

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Banned Books Week

In countries across the world, books are banned for a variety of reasons. Many of the books seen on these lists are ones I’ve read, and some of them are favourites of mine. 1,231 more words


Loving Vincent: Other animated movies made for Adults

Cartoons are great, don’t you think? They’re an awesome way to tell stories and to entertain in a way that live action just can’t do. Whilst animation is a medium that is often used in children’s entertainment, it’s easy to forget that there are some animated films that you should definitely not let the kids watch (we’re looking at you, hentai!). 817 more words


Persepolis - A World Heritage Site

Persepolis was a ceremonial capital of Achaemenes Empire (ca.550-330 BC) and it is located in the city of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran.

The earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC and it exemplifies the Achaemenes style of architecture.  550 more words

World Heritage Tourism – Sales & Storification


Too old to rock’n’roll: Too young to die. The name of Jethro Tull’s album evokes in me a sense of misfit. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong there, either. 708 more words


Current Reads x2

Persepolis is the true story of a girl growing up in Iran during the early 1980’s. What’s awesome about this book is it’s in comic book format. 91 more words



Quyển này thì quyết định mua vì được Inspire bởi idol Emma Waston. Người đâu vừa đẹp lại vừa giỏi, học chuyên ngành Văn học Anh và cống hiến nhiều cho Feminism thế giới nữa chứ :)) Về cơ bản là sau khi đi xem Beauty and The beast của chị về bị cuồng chị quá, bộ phim của tuổi thơ nên nó có sức tác động thật mãnh liệt mặc dù chưa hề đọc hay xem hết Harry Porter. 1,496 more words

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