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The Amazing Grace of God

Gracious; the greatest characteristic of God. Without his Grace, we would be nothing.

What is Grace?

Simply put, unmerited favor. It is God showing kindness and being benevolent to anything undeserving of his kindness and benevolence. 1,198 more words


My children ruined me

“What would I be doing if I wasn’t doing this?”

The age-old question that we mothers ask ourselves, even though we would probably never admit to doing so.  915 more words


"Once Saved Always Saved": Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? (Part 3)

I am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien. Frodo Baggins and his companions meet a man named Strider on their journey to Rivendell. 548 more words


Easter - The State of Things

The egg hunt was over in minutes. 


Nearly half an hour of egg hiding skills on the part of all of the parents, and the hunt was over in less than five minutes.  943 more words

These Are Days

The Necessity of Eternal Security

Recently I have been dealing with the shock of hearing that several pastors on the mountain where I live do not believe in eternal security.  I have had to struggle with the idea that I have always held but never proved to myself, that this doctrine is an essential part of the gospel message, and without believing it you do not have salvation.  878 more words

Pastor Cliff's Ministry

Sweet promise to comfort a soul like mine!

They shall revive as the corn.”—Hosea 14:7.

Sweet promise to comfort a soul like mine, under so many and such frequent languishing graces! How often hath it appeared to my view as if the gracious seed had perished!

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The Defiant Christian

This is a short story I used in my recent sermon on Romans 8:35-39, discussing the unbreakable love of God, and the courage it gives us to endure any difficulty. 128 more words

Christian Life