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Sometimes all one can
do is turn one’s shovel
sideways and insist on
digging a pit with an exit.


What’s Your Entrepreneurship Journey?

In this constantly changing and evolving world, now more than ever many people are happily transitioning into entrepreneurship or joining the ranks involuntarily. Gone are the days where one is employed to a company for 10, 20 or 30 years. 294 more words


Trust As You Cry Out

“Ask and you shall receive.”
Receive as God lovingly gives.
Gives, however, He feels you need.
Take Courage, He Is very near.

Will you accept suffering for awhile? 72 more words


Never Too Late

What if that day dream you get lost in at 2:36pm on Wednesday afternoon could be your real life? What if you didn’t yearn for Friday afternoon and loved Monday just as much as Saturday? 179 more words


Turning Interviews into Kids' Books with Erica Swallow

This month in the Inspiration and Perspiration series, I tracked down Erica Swallow, co-creator of a non-fiction picture book stemming from Erica’s real-life interview with kid entrepreneurs. 1,298 more words