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Becoming a writer doesn't happen overnight.

Recently, an old friend reminded me how as a teen, I always said I’d be a writer someday. He was happy to see I’d realized my dream. 485 more words



So often in life we begin something with the best intentions…as time goes by we try to push ahead on our own…”I can do this”…”I know what I am doing”…it is based on ‘I’ and any of us can only do so much alone.   224 more words

Faith Journey

Making Sense of Struggle

I’ve always struggled with a passage in the Bible claiming that if I can manage to persevere through my various trials, I’ll find hope.  I’d love to have more hope, we all know it changes everything, but the following’s always been tough for me: 445 more words

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How long can you work "tirelessly" ?

I get really annoyed when someone says/commends me or someone else by saying he, or she has worked “tirelessly” when we were damn tired.

There I said it. 681 more words


Infographic: How to be Wise - as an Entrepreneur (and in Life)

This is another really cool infographic by Anna Vital of Funders and Founders. And I think the quotes she gathered do not only apply to the realm of entrepreneurship but getting sh.t done in general. 29 more words

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