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Live it out

“Do not merely listen to the word,
and so deceive yourselves.
 Do what it says”
(James 1:22)

Any serious reading of the Scriptures as God’s Word must lead us to the realisation that it guides us to three great truths. 378 more words


53 Quotations on Perseverance You Won't Get at a Motivational Seminar

Well, maybe a few of them you will.

But when I look for quotations, or do a search on a phrase (as happened last week with “plateau”) I’m often doing it not for motivation in my work life, but as inspiration for a story I’m working on around a particular theme. 1,564 more words


Rising Above Our Circumstances

“In all this Job did not sin, nor did he say anything disrespectful of God.”

Job 1:22

Job’s story is a powerful reminder for all of us that we are above our circumstances. 148 more words


Peter Talks Salvation Part 1

Defining Salvation

What is salvation and what does it entail and how does one know if they have it or not?  I believe this word has been thrown around without clear knowledge of what it means. 560 more words


Looking For Lovely

I taught a girls’ Bible study this summer called, “Looking For Lovely”. The gist of the Bible study was to look for and focus on the lovely things among our circumstances. 628 more words

Ant's Life

I sit and look out at the little ant:
Admiring it’s drudgery and perseverance to enchant!

How peacefully it overcomes, hurdles in it’s walk,

Carefully balancing the load, while on the uneven rock! 56 more words

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