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Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite.

~ Robert Half


The Truth About Success

So often people are keen on praising huge accomplishments and brilliant stories of success, that they barely notice what really stands behind those triumphs.

Folks would rather say those guys suddenly appeared from nowhere and they are the next example of an overnight success, than take a minute in order to figure out how they actually reached a peak. 619 more words

Be Committed, But Never Compare

“It was my intention, my commitment, that even if a door was closed I would bang on it, I would break the door, or I would get in through the window. 262 more words


10 Lessons To Live By

1. The only limits on your life are the ones you set.
2. Nothing worth having in life will come easy to you.
3. Don’t look at anything as “impossible” it just hasn’t been done yet. 77 more words


Train Ticket Miracles

I alluded to the drama that was Train Tickets in my post Give Me Strength… But boy did it have a fascinating end. Mother bought tickets last weekend and asked Grandmother to post them. 445 more words

My Life Today

Virtues - ngram

Are we more or less virtuous than we were a century or two ago? That may be hard to measure, but one thing that is easy to measure is how often we speak of virtues. 194 more words


Lessons from a Nightstand

I’ve been on a bit of a home improvement kick here lately. In the last couple months, I have refinished kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and now I am moving on to our bedroom furniture. 1,855 more words