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Isfahan Persian Carpets

In the centre of Iran among the Zagros Mountains and the desert, lies the city of Isfahan. Nowadays it is an important industrial city with a population of 1.2 million. 110 more words


Gabbeh Oriental Carpets

Gabbeh in Farsi means natural, primitive. Carpets and textiles with this name are woven by the nomads Qashqai who roam about, or in villages in Southwestern Iran where they live. 120 more words


Yomut Persian Carpets

The Yomut carpets are being woven by the turkmenic nomadic tribe Yomut, which live in the regions between Northern Persia, Caspian Sea, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. The Yomut carpets are woven with a woolen warp. 58 more words


Bakhtiari Oriental Carpets

In the mountains Zagros, west of the city of Isfahan, around the town of Shahr-e-Kurd, live the nomads Bakhtiar. Their carpets are known for the design with various repeating squares in which flowers and animals are depicted. 59 more words


Knitting Adventures ... All About The Socks ...

Hey everyone … so with all the traveling … and then running around getting visa stuff sorted etc … I’ve been a bit slow with the blog posts these last couple months and for that I am sorry … I still have a post from my trip to the UK to do but I don’t think that will happen till atleast next week now … 301 more words


Qashqai Persian Kilims

Qashqai carpets are woven by nomads who live in the mountainous areas of Southwest Persia, the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan, south of Isfahan and around the city Shiraz. 94 more words