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The meaning of life is probably that it has no meaning or that it ends. But we still live on; howsoever absurd it may seem to Camus or to you or to me. 339 more words

Sultanabad Persian Carpets

In the province of Farahan is found the city of Arak, formerly known as Sultanabad, with 500,000 citizens it is built on the ruins of a small town called Daskerah. 127 more words


Kashan Persian Carpets

Between Isfahan and Tehran, near the Dast-e-Kavir desert is the city of Kashan. The city is known for its handmade carpets, textiles and ceramics. The city where many commercial transactions take place is important as it is a resting place along the Silk Road. 92 more words


Kashmar Oriental Carpets

The city of Kashmar is located in the Khorasan province southwest of the city Mashad in Eastern Iran. It has a very rich history and its old name is Torshiz. 124 more words


Jozan Persian Carpets

Carpets woven in the village Jozan near the town of Malayer and Sarouk. The Jozan carpets are thick and heavy and the quality of their materials is very high. 15 more words


Persian Nain cleaning and dye bleeding removal caused by urineā€

persian Nain Rug Wash and Cleaning of dye bleeding caused by urine and removal of odor and urine damages plus washing the rug against moth damage . 109 more words


The Cute Hunter MAKES: Rug Upgrade

Hi there vintage lovers! Here is a debrief style tutorial on how to upgrade a vintage rug like this one.

1. Find a good base vintage rug in decent condition at a thrift store. 1,156 more words