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Western Media Exaggerates Rise of overall Food prices in Iran

Last week (when the western media claimed things were so crazy in Iran) Mohsen and I visited with some shop and restaurant owners for several reasons: one, of course, to give them business (an economy does not thrive w/o supporting local businesses); secondly, to ask them how business was actually going; next, to talk about economical issues, mainly the raise of food prices in Iran (price of eggs spiked and some meats, imported goods are naturally higher). 512 more words


Glendale: Lunch at Raffi's Place

I remember right before I left for Armenia I looked up the cuisine. However, friends said, “you like kabobs, right? You’ll be fine.” Once I was there, I quickly figured out Armenian food is not like Persian food. 533 more words


Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

First off I’d like to sincerely apologise for my lack of posting in the last few weeks – no beating around the bush, I basically lost motivation. 881 more words


Bread – the First Frontier

The saviour, the antichrist, the tempting devil – much like Taylor Swift, bread has recently got itself a bad reputation.

It’s maddening to think that people decide to cut out bread because they think they will put on weight by eating it.  1,115 more words

What About You Hodgpodge

1.  What’s something blogging has taught you about yourself?

I’m social and I like to meet new people and see and experience new things. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me with a walking buddy while I was living in Southern California ( 487 more words


Zereshk Polo, Iranian Chicken and Rice by way of Armenia with Larra Haftevani

Larra and I met through work. We became fast friends, bonding over our shared interest of hip hop and cats. Mostly cats, but also a lot of hip hop. 1,685 more words

The Kiosk at Cobden Chambers - Amazing Cassoulet, Beef Shin Chilli, and Excellent Middle Eastern inspired food

The Kiosk café in Cobden Chambers just off Pelham Street is a fantastic place to get some really fresh and inspirational food. The Kiosk used to be in a container over in Sherwood and everyone would say that it was one of those off the track hidden gems that you really should hunt down. 699 more words

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