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Meals on My Own: Falafel platter, Eggs and Plants

Eggs and Plants, Seattle, WA (5th and Blanchard/Bell St.)

Ordered: Falafel platter. All this for only $13! And definitely can feed 2 people, shared. Or, if you’re a fatty like me, no share :P The falafel was great. 118 more words

Meals On My Own

Lusty tour of the food I ate in Kermanshah

In this last installment of docu posts about my super sweet Trip to Kermanshah, I really wanted to give you a mouthwatering, lusty tour of all the yummy food I ate during this visit. 1,636 more words

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Iranian Culture 101: Persian Cuisine (main dishes)

A visit to Iran yields a stunning variety of culinary delights. Between the familiar kebab and the decidedly outré grilled lamb’s testicles, there’s a vast spectrum of foods: caviar, pickle, and smoked fish in the north; samosas, falafel and hot and sour shrimp in the south; noodles, flatbread and rosewater-scented ice cream across the country. 1,624 more words


3 blogs to follow for Persian food lovers

They say that the way to any person’s heart is through their stomach, and let’s face it: every stomach loves Persian food. 437 more words


Lamb, apricot and prune polo

This is a Persian dish; polo is the Persian version of pilaf, pilao or plov, cooked with rice. It is rather like a biryani in the way it is finished off. 290 more words

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I am feeling beyond blessed today as the views to this blog quickly approach 20,000, it just feels unreal that so many of you have taken the time out of your busy days to stop by and catch up with us! 250 more words


My Cousin Val's Abdoogh Khiyar (آبدوغ خیار)| Chilled Yogurt & Cucumber Soup: Persian Style!

Everyone knows that Persians have a thing for pomegranates, rosewater and all sorts of yummy fluffy saffron rice. What is less known is that we also have a major yen for yogurt. 931 more words

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