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Adas Quinoa with Vegan Yoghurt

This is my take on the Persian dish called Adas Polo, which literally means lentil rice. Growing up, this was one of my favourite meals so it is the ultimate comfort food for me.  663 more words


Ghoreh & AbGhoreh غوره وآبغوره | Sour Grapes & Verjuice

This post is dedicated to the memory of Doctor پ . A wonderful physician, musician, family friend, and all around lovely gentleman whose presence was a boon to all who knew him and who will be dearly missed. 1,275 more words

Persian Food


I saw the sign go up…watched for months as construction continued and after what seemed like forever, the “Coming Soon” sign was taken down and it was open! 323 more words

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Shirin Polo in Rice Cooker

I wrote this recipe for a friend who wanted a simplified version of shirin polo. This dish can literally take an entire day to make if done from scratch. 293 more words

Persian Food Recipes

Tahchin Morgh (Chicken Tahchin) for Two

I never cared for tahchin with eggs because the eggs gave it a gamey taste and smell, in my opinion. But, ever since I tried it without the eggs, it has become one of my favorite Persian dishes especially when it’s paired with Persian salad. 247 more words

Persian Food Recipes

Ash Aloo Esfenaj (Prune and Spinach Soup)

I learned this very simple and tasty ash from my mother-in-law. This ash tastes the best with chicken legs, but since I didn’t have any on hand, I used my… 168 more words

Persian Food Recipes

Loobia Polo - Lamb Green Beans And Basmati Rice

Loobia Polo is a popular Persian dish, my oldest daughter being of Iranian heritage absolutely loves this dish and proudly is able to cook this herself.. 764 more words