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what happens when you plant an egg?

My eggplant fascination started when i visited the south of Russia and saw that in many Datchas people grow this vegetable in their gardens. I guess i lacked of imaginations as i could not think about any more creative way of serving it than straight from the frying pan.Few years later i moved to Germany, visited one russian shop and found there a pot of Ikra, famous russian spread made of eggplants, tomatoes, paprika, carrots, all well mixed and cooked together with spices. 267 more words

Eat: Takht-e Tavoos

Persian brunch at Tahkt-e Tavoos. They don’t take reservations and it can take upwards of 30 minutes for a table. Longer if you have a larger group. 136 more words


Persian Maast-o-Khiar

Maast-o-Khiar (literal translation: yogurt and cucumber) is like the Persian version of Tzatziki. It’s a cool summer dip of yogurt, mint and cucumbers, and it goes well with just about everything. 114 more words

Side Dishes


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Health & Wellness

Recipe: Persian Beetroot, Carrot & Lentil Salad

This recipe was really inspired by cooking at the Skip Garden in the winter, when often British carrots and beetroots were some of the few seasonal, local and organic vegetables I could get hold of. 578 more words


Broad Bean Kuku

I dug up one patch of broad beans as I wanted to plant some brassicas – it is all about the rotation. This means we have been eating lots of broadbeans – like… 230 more words


Bastani - saffron, rosewater and pistachio ice-cream

I absolutely adore ice-cream. Like one of my Norwegian cousins, I will happily sit and eat it till I’m sick/it’s all gone. Until recently my favourite flavour was krokan: vanilla with bits of caramellised┬ásugar and almonds, which I can only get in Norway. 616 more words

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