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Comeback with 1001 calories and fire

Hi, I’m back for a short note on our Pentecost dinner, the theme was ‘Lenny’s Arabian Decadence’ with recipes from Persia and Saudi Arabia.

On Sunday we had Persian Lamb roast with jeweled rice, rice cookies and baklava. 57 more words


How to Cook Persian rice

Rice is main food in Iran. We have 2 way for Cook it. we called cooked rice as”Polo” Or “Chelo”

The classic way Of cooking rice  called “Ab Kesh”  that is steamed rice and the direction is really similar to Cooking Pasta. 181 more words

Persian Food

Spinach and Yogurt

“Spinach and Yogurt” is really healthy and delicious appetizer. we usually serve it with Kitchen. The Original Name is “Borani Sfenaj”


1 lb Baby Spinach… 53 more words

Healthy Food Recipes

Carrot and Prune Stew

That’s One Of my favorite.  In Farsi we call it “KHorosh Havij Aloo”.

You can see the result in the picture.there are 4 plate in the picture.  251 more words

Healthy Food Recipes

Olivie Salad (Salad-e-Oliviye)

It’s a warm day and I have left over chicken that would go perfectly in the Olivie salad I’ve been wanting to make.

Once made this salad tastes fantastic eaten with toasted chiabata. 157 more words


Basturma or Basdirma polow باسترماپلو

Basturma or Basdirma polow /pilaf is a traditional Azerbaijani rice dish that is popular in Ardebil an ancient city near Caspian Sea.

The meaning of the word ‘ Basturma or Basdirma’ translates as ‘ to press’ or ‘ pressed’. 390 more words


Toot (Plymouth) - Review

Featuring Persian classics and an excellent vegetarian & vegan selection, this family run independent restaurant hits all the right spots.


The Global Financial Crisis hit Plymouth’s restaurant scene badly; before this restaurateur Edmond Davari ran several establishments in the city, predominantly around the Sutton Harbour area, including Souk, Zucca, Asia Chic and Papa Joe’s. 636 more words

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