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A Growing Love for Kabul

Afghanistan and Iran, citizenship and memories

Sara Shayan only guessed what Kabul was like for almost three decades, visualizing her parents’ hometown via family stories, old photographs and news reports — until September of 2015. 1,131 more words


Learning pride

Throughout middle school and the majority of high school, I dreaded the idea of visiting Iran or simply leaving the town I was in to go somewhere that was definitely  396 more words


What is Sizdah Bedar?

Every year, Iranians go outdoors for picnics, in the parks or the countryside on the 13th day of Persian New Year, called Nowruz, as part of rituals to mark the festival of nature. 162 more words


spring into • n o r o o z

the first day of spring is a joyous day all around the world–a sign that the harsh, cold winter season is over. the days leading up to the start of spring are generally filled with the exciting blooming of flowers and beautiful weather. 263 more words


When Spring brings Hope!

10 days ago a special & beloved guest knocked at our doors: 243 more words

C'est La Vie !

Persian New Year

Naw-Ruz (or Norooz, Nowruz) is the name of the Iranian and Baha’i New Year.

Naw-Ruz literally means “New Day” (Naw = New/Ruz = Day)

It usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed. 150 more words


Happy Persian New Year

Happy Persian New Year
may it be filled with love and cheer
may your dreams appear right here
in reality there are externals
things we can’t change but learn from like a journal… 142 more words