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Persian New Year 2015

I visited home for the first part of spring break this year and luckily, Norooz was right at the time I was visiting. This year I got to spend Chaharshanbe Suri again with Ariana and her wonderful family at McNears Beach. 252 more words

Persian New Year 2013

My first ever Persian New Year celebration! Every year Chaharshanbe Suri is held at McNears Beach. There is music, live performances, dancing, delicious food, and rows of small fire pits to jump over and cleanse yourself for the coming year. Happy Nowruz everyone!

Happy New Year

Last Friday was Nowruz, or Persian New Year. My new friend and colleague Yasmine invited a few of the new women faculty over to celebrate, and she’s Iraqi, so I checked, and it’s not just Persians who celebrate. 801 more words


HAPPY NOWRUZ (Persian New Year)!

In many countries, including ours, this past Saturday, March 21st, was Nowruz, the Persian New Year. It is the first day of the Persian calendar, as well as the first day of spring. 203 more words


Nowruz Saturdays 

This past weekend marked the Persian New Year or “Nowruz” and I have had such a fun time celebrating! The new year is marked by the first day of Spring. 105 more words


Persian New Year x New York City

Sale No Mobarak to you all! Since I am part Persian, I took my roommates to taste Persian Cuisine for the very first time on Saturday! 227 more words

New York City