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Stuffed whole fish/ماهی‌ شکم گرفته بوشهری

Fried stuffed whole fish is another ‘region-specific’ type of Persian cuisine which I relate to so strongly because my parents were originally from that region – Bushehr. 605 more words


Miracle soup for the cold/آش اسفناج و شلغم معجزه گر

This is my magic recipe for common cold, flu and general malady, although I do make this soup occasionally just for the fun of it. To the testimony of a host of my friends and relatives who had passed by when they had not been feeling well, this soup does wonders knocking off the cold, especially if you take it with another anti-cold remedy of mine… 295 more words


Mixed herb rice &smoked fish/سبزی پلو و ماهی‌ دودی

I promised to post Iranian norooz-specific traditional dish, mixed herb rice and fish (sabzi polow mahi), since traditionally it is prepared and served on the first day of spring (often, along with… 636 more words


Egg and spinach breakfast/نرگسی

This simple and pretty breakfast is called naregsi in Persian, alluding to narcissus flower or narges.

Ingredients (1 Serving): Fresh spinach, 100-120 grams, washed, drained and chopped. 231 more words


Dill and broad beans rice with pot roast/شوید باقالی پلو با گوشت بریان در قابلمه

The Persian name of the above dish is “shevid baghali polow” with “goosht” :) It is considered a festive dish, with so many variations in different Iranian cities. 602 more words


mixed-herb stew/قورمه سبزی

Ghormeh sabzi, a mixed-herb stew or khoresh is the signature dish of any Iranian’s kitchen. So much so there is even an anthropological article written entitled “Bastard chicken or Ghormeh Sabzi”, by Lynn Harbottle which I recommend you read if interested in the strategies Iranian women migrants in UK employ to keep their family healthy through good food and Persian cooking. 446 more words


Dill/beans mixed-polow with fish/شوید لوبیا پلو و ماهی‌

I can eat this mix-polow as a complete main dish, but it is very common to have it with fried fish in the southern part of Iran. 401 more words