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Television Review: Person of Interest

There are many great stories to be found nowadays in the realm of television. I have already written about Game of Thrones, which has made a huge impact on popular culture.  1,552 more words


Person of Interest 04×16 ‘Blunt’: Recruitment

After focusing on Samaritan for a while, Person of Interest is back to the grittier, darker side of New York in the battle of the mafias. 82 more words

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Person of Interest 04×15 ‘Q & A’: Meet the Root of Samaritan

With this episode we see a lot of parallels between Team Machine and Samaritan. It was obvious that there were distinct similarities, but with the emergence of a familiar face we are brought the Root of Samaritan. 95 more words

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Person of Interest 04×14 ‘Guilty’: Back to basics

It was back to basics on Person of Interestas Finch and Reese decided to take on the world by themselves. This was the first real filler episode of season 4. 90 more words

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Person of Interest 04×13 ‘M.I.A.’: Samaritan’s ant farm

Again the focus is on Samaritan rather than the criminal underworld of New York. Oh how we miss those days where things were simple. Instead, Team Machine has to deal with international conspiracies and A.I. 79 more words

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Person of Interest 04×12 ‘Control-Alt-Delete’: Control loses control

It wasn’t the finale to the trilogy that we expected, but it certainly did not falter in bringing satisfaction to the story. Unlike last week’s “ 87 more words

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Person of Interest 04×11 ‘If-Then-Else’: Sacrifice the queen

Uh, what just happened? I thought the finale of a trilogy was supposed to be the big climactic, jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing moment? Apparently Person of Interest… 91 more words