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At first it was for camouflage,

I wanted to blend in, because being different left you abandoned,

To enter the clique of mirabilis, you had to be plausibly cool,  190 more words



I’m learning what it’s like to feel homesick for a person.

Not just any person, but that somebody I can spend days with and never get sick of, the person who loves me unconditionally. 94 more words

Smartphone Silhouette

Museum guard passes the time with his phone.


How to Hire a Marketing Person Part 1 - Before Interviews

I wrote a post on onboarding a new marketing person, but realized that I haven’t posted about how to find that great new marketing person.  Finding a great person is difficult and a key responsibility for a hiring manager.  771 more words


When I met Salma

Her smile tried to hide the evident pain in her eyes. While adding sugar to her coffee she said ‘I was fighting for his daughter’s education but he tried to kill me twice.’ She talked about her other hardships with the same ease. 352 more words

Non Fiction

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 177: More Ranting About Drivers

This morning I was walking along through Newtown when I had the delightful joy of being an unwilling participant in almost getting by some wonderful person in an SUV due to their knowledge of how to drive because damn the rules that are there, they are above them and it’s unfortunate if anyone gets caught in the way. 514 more words