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Amazing Mess

I’ve talked about being amazing on this blog before and how you don’t always feel amazing. Here is the original amazing post. Amazing Julie. Life is messy. 180 more words


Pull / Push

Pull and Push signs seen in a restaurant. I like how graphical they are make them easy to understand even if you don’t speak Spanish (I think :)) 8 more words


Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they 've got nothing to loose!!!

“Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve got nothing to lose.” – Robin Williams


The person inside my helmet

I hear his voices, his orotund voice.

Telling me everything,

Shouting and yelling at me for the mistakes I did.

Cause I have emotions and he didn’t.

341 more words

Having a "Person"

Hi Friends,

Long time no see.. I’ve been quite busy with so much but my mind is definitely always here..

I enter the premises today to talk about this whole thing of having a person.. 150 more words



A person lost,a memory lived.

A friend lost,a lesson learned.

A bad deed,betrayal welcomed

A good deed,respect earned.

One word “hope” keeps everyone going

One feeling “fear” makes us pray. 66 more words

Wuppertal: An Angry Dude

This dude is angry, obviously. He’s also modern (see the blue plug in his ear). On the other hand, he wears his cap backwards, which is really more a Bart Simpson era thing to do, isn’t it?   13 more words