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Why Gaming Matters: Social Links

Over the years, one single question has pervaded the entirety of the internet in regards to videogames. Are video games art? Forums, gaming journalists, and game developers argue over the validity of gaming as an art form. 1,182 more words


In the Rotation—18.November.2015

It’s that time of year when portables reign supreme for me: when schedules are busy and I need to travel light. So with that in mind, the games in my rotation is taking a distinctly on-the-go feeling. 263 more words


NaNoWriMo 2015: Fall to Rebirth Chapter 14



“Horrible liar.”

Souji knew that, really. He didn’t need a butterfly talking in his head to tell him that. If his record hadn’t been spotless things would have gone much more poorly, but as things stood the police accepted his story of being too scared to remember anything about the attack on the train platform. 2,971 more words


Weekly Update – 11/16-11/30

Hey, everyone!

I think I’m going to keep these updates to twice a month since half the time, I can’t really keep up. But, since the Mist cover’s finally completed (holy hell the string section was difficult to write), I’m gonna start working on the next project! 197 more words

Persona 4

What I Played Last Weeks (November 1st - 14th)

I decided I would put these last two weeks together, since I didn’t do enough in either to really warrant a large post. Last week, I only played one game, and this week, there was a pretty big game that came out. 379 more words

What I Played Last Week

NaNoWriMo 2015: Fall to Rebirth Chapter 12



Getting drug around by the voices in your head didn’t exactly match Souji Seta’s idea of a good day, but it seemed to be what was happening. 2,521 more words