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Persona 4 vs Persona 4 Golden: Part 2

I’ll start off with one significant change that Persona 4 Golden makes: It re-balanced the difficulty of many of the story-line bosses. Some of those changes I did agree with, as the first two main dungeons in the game do have a high difficulty curve due to your limited resources and the lack of weaknesses to exploit. 743 more words


Can a Game Be Too Easy?: Persona 4 vs Persona 4 Golden

This may seem strange to some, but it is possible to streamline a game so much that it loses a lot of challenge. The correct level of difficulty is more of an opinion based thing, but I do feel like some games go overboard to be accessible, sacrificing the difficulty that makes playing so worth it in the first place. 491 more words

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Gettin' down with some Shadows: Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review

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I know, I know. It’s been forever. I’m sorry. School, man, school. And, FYI, I have secured a study abroad opportunity in Japan – the mecha of many games! 2,199 more words

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Picture of The Day: Satonaka Chie

Satonaka Chie wearing a bodysuit outfit resembling that chick from Kill Bill (yes, I know she is wearing her Persona’s outfit). She looks kinda kick ass and not to mention very fitting wearing that kind of attire. 11 more words


This Week on Vita! (Week of 9/5/2016)

“This week on Vita” will be my new weekly series where I go in-depth about what I’ve been playing on the PlayStation Vita, the world’s greatest handheld. 250 more words


Blog Status: Still Active

“So… hello dear readers. It’s been a while huh?”

Or so I’d like to say but I don’t want to be friendly with a bunch of… 1,018 more words


I loved Persona 4 - despite loathing a large part of it

Version played: Persona 4 Golden (Playstation Vita)

Persona 4 might just be the most charming game I have ever played. From the chirpy J-pop soundtrack to the unmistakably Japanese environment designs I was won over in seconds. 1,064 more words