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Persona games has always been my obsession since I’m in high school about 6 years ago (the gratitudes all goes to Square Enix and my older brother) so additional word “current” may not barely compatible now. 91 more words

My Fangirl Side

healing behind masks

Cosplay is a finnicky subject, even among those who have been regularly exposed to it, and have even participated in it. What kind of behaviour constitutes as being acceptable? 1,951 more words

Just Thinking

The paradox of Persona 4

Underneath a heavy JRPG storyline/battle system and gameplay intricately structured around the life of a Japanese high schooler, Persona 4 is a game about interpersonal relationships. 567 more words


Up Close and Persona 4 Golden

My PS Vita is reborn. My soul is rejuvenated.

My only regret is not playing this game soon enough. Now that I commute and work so much, it has been a struggle to squeeze in an hour of game play before my eyes shut on me. 411 more words


Character Spotlight: Naoto Shirogane

Persona 4 does so many things that very few games would ever dare to even stand remotely close to. We saw through Kanji’s struggles with his sexuality, that alone is something that in 2008 pretty much no one would touch with a 50-foot pole. 1,298 more words


Kisses for the birthday boy o/

Persona 4 Golden LP Completed

The 2016/2017 (thanks again Atlus USA) Persona 5 Hype Train rolls right along. Persona 4 Golden is now in the books.

Just like P3, it is a max Social Link run on New Game+ to take advantage of the game’s optional boss fight. 36 more words

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