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I'm full of shit

There is this little quote I’ve heard a while ago and it stuck with me ever since. Maybe because I didn’t know back then, that it perfectly described what I would have to do. 1,450 more words


Persona 4 Gave Me Friends and Purpose [PlayingWithEmotions]

-by Dylan DiBona

Welcome everybody to the first in a new series of blogs. PlayingWithEmotions is the flipside of PlayingWithThoughts; I’ll be delving into why a game was good to me… 884 more words

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Persona 4 is My Favorite Game

The summer of 2014 hit me like a wrecking ball. I fell out of a long relationship and I lost contact with a few friends of mine, on the gaming side: … 1,186 more words


Review: Persona 4: Dancing All Night

I just finished this game and I loved it so much! It’s so fun and rhythm games are kinda my thing. 243 more words

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Playing Favorites: Character Relation

Question:  Have you ever wonder why a certain character is your favorite?  The answer can be as simple as you think they’re cool and awesome or  deep such as you have a relatable personal connection to that character. 1,044 more words

30 Days Of Gaming, Day 5

Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

I’ve kind of hinted at feeling an affinity with Chiaki Nanami from  170 more words

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Blue Reflection - Magical Girls Vs Giant Monster

Koei Temco gave us a new trailer for their new IP called Blue Reflection such shows off the main heroines  fighting giant monster called “Progenitors” 228 more words

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